Tips To Earn Free UC – An Expensive Currency In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile UC is an expensive currency that is used for buying items in the Royale Pass. Follow some ways to get some free UC for your in-game purchases!

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass is something that draws the attention of players. To buy items in the Royale Pass, you are required to have enough UC – an expensive PUBG Mobile currency that you have to buy with your real money. However, there are still some other ways you can follow to get free in-game UC. With this PUBG Mobile guide below, you will know those ways and follow them for a good amount of UC!
About PUBG Mobile UC

As you know, PUBG Mobile offers a wide array of items to players. To purchase them, players are required to have a good amount of cash. There are some currencies featured in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, and UC is one of them you can buy with your real money. UC is also one of the most desired currencies that players want to have. With UC, you can get yourself unique skins, costumes, etc.

It is not easy to get UCs because this is an expensive currency in PUBG Mobile. But, if you follow some ways mentioned below, you can earn UC for free!
Tips to have a good amount of free UC in PUBG Mobile


Do surveys and tasks on YSense to get PUBG Mobile UC

YSense is known as a famous GPT site. To get UC in PUBG Mobile, you need to finish some surveys and different other tasks. You can withdraw the money you have earned via PayPal, Reward Link India, and other wallets. The disadvantage of this way is that you need to buy Google Play Store gift cards for the in-game purchases and players have no direct way to obtain the in-game currency.


Finish some tasks on Swagbucks to get PUBG Mobile UC

Swagbucks is one of the oldest and famous GPT sites. Swagbucks is kind of the same as YSense in terms of the way it works when it also requires players to finish different tasks for getting SB. Once you have used this website to get the money, you will obtain PayPal Cash or Flipkart Gift Vouchers. The process of redeeming gifts is almost unchanged. You have to buy gift cards and enter the game to make your purchases.


Using the Prize Rebel website to get PUBG Mobile UC

To get PUBG Mobile UC, another way you can follow is to use PrizeRebel which is also a famous website that is the same as the two websites mentioned above. With PrizeRevel, you also have to finish different tasks to get points as a reward then you can trade those earned points for various in-game rewards.

Note: You are recommended not to use any tools like UC generator because these tools are fake and illegal, which can cause you to be banned from the game.

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