Top 3 Maps Easy To Play And Rank Up in PUBG Mobile: Season 14

To play and climb up to a higher rank quickly in PUBG Mobile Season 14, do not forget to check out the name of the top 3 maps and share them with buddies now!

PUBG Mobile Guide: 3 easy maps to play and occupy a better rank in Season 14

PUBG Mobile Download is a popular survival game that owns 5 maps, consisting of Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Livik. Livik is an exclusive playable address coming from PUBG Mobile Patch Notes 0.19.0. The diversity can make players confused when they are choosing the realm that is the most suitable for their style. To help you escape from such a complex situation, we will show you the best PUBG Mobile guide. It is here to point out the name of the maps that will allow you to boost rankings of your own while you are taking part in the newest PUBG Mobile season, v14. Are you ready to check out the entire story? Much fun!

  1. Miramar

PUBG Mobile: Miramar will occupy the top spot in the collection of regions that aid your progression. In which, it offers a significant dynamic and intense combat in the last zone. You will be able to improve your result considerably there.

As in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Miramar is designed well. It has countless edges and different colored spaces so you can approach to cover, hide, and watch over the enemy. A few locations will provide a high looting percentage. They are Pecado and Hacienda Del Patron.

  1. Erangel

The second position will belong to PUBG Mobile Erangel. It is an 8×8 km playfield, including 2 major islands assembled by a bridge. In case you expect to become the character collecting the most score and turn into an expert, don’t skip Erangel, a classic PUBG Mobile map!

Erangel possesses numerous amazing coverings that will keep your trooper safe whilst taking out the hostiles. On which, you can visit a couple of places to loot. Military Base Sosnovka and Pochinki are voted to be popular hot spots.

  1. Vikendi

Finally, we will come to PUBG Mobile Vikendi where contains the highest amount of materials. Even, it is regarded as heaven for those who desire to survive and rule PUBG Mobile Season 14.

Vikendi has a white sky due to snow. It can expose the footsteps of players or wheel traces that they use clearly. In addition to an awesome quantity, Vikendi spawn points of the gear are also distributed reasonably alike with PUBG Mobile Lite. You can gather powerful weapons like G36C and MPK5 without difficulty. Similar to others, Vikendi has many deadly territories such as Villas and Castles.

Vikendi, Erangel, and Miramar will be top 3 maps to play and rank up in PUBG Mobile Season 14 that you care. Along with facilities and weapons advantages, you can loot valuable supplies or firearms and more on those destinations. Look out! You can encounter plenty of competitors there. Good luck!

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