Top Tips To Achieve Chicken Dinner In PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival

Play PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival a new interesting game mode and do not forget to check out all of the best ways to conquer the top spot right now! Have fun!

What is PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival?

PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival is a new mode in-game. It was added on April 16. In which, you will have the chance to prove your shooting skill while fighting against every enemy as in other rooms. Further, you are able to show your own survivability.

Cold Front Survival brings back an extremely harsh environmental condition on a map full of snow. Every selected player will be moved to the playfield. They will have to land on a place similar to the Vikendi map.

You are forced to master skills and figure out a good plan to climb up to the top spot. Besides, you should not ignore our tutorials below.

Some basic but very effective tips to dominate in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival

Although PUBG Mobile guides that we are going to introduce sound simple, they are really essential, especially for the newbie, to keep living and gain the dinner they desire.

  1. Collect wood

It means that you need to search for firewood and gather them as fast as possible. At least, you will pick up 5 branches before you start a fire.

In fact, your HP will gradually lose when it turns colder. To begin to set a fire, try to find a safe house and enter first! Remember to add firewood in order to maintain it!

  1. Equip yourself with heaters and warm packs

It is an amazing piece amongst tips and tricks to get to the top spot in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival that we are displaying.

Equip yourself with heaters and warm packs

In case you are staying outside buildings in the cold weather, don’t forget to use warm compresses. They will lower the damage that you receive from the weather.

You or any character in PUBG Mobile will be recommended to gain as many warm packs as you can. Each of them will exist for 30 seconds. Don’t skip heaters! Bring one with you if you depart!

  1. Supervise small sparks on the mini-map

Frequently pay attention to every unusual action in PUBG Mobile Download through the mini-map! In other words, you will have the chance to seek the opponent’s location easily.

Supervise small sparks on the mini-map

When the clod mode is switched on, you can hide in abandoned structures and shoot. The gunfire or signs appearing on the mini-map will point out the position of the user immediately.

If the cold mode stops, attempt to leave the area rapidly or you can be killed! Not only that, your team can be eliminated. Take advantage of that situation to remove the other side!

  1. Skiing

On the map of the game based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you can utilize snowboards to move faster. Additionally, it will not make sounds.


So, skiing will be helpful for you to overcome obstacles on the path, reach the zone you expect without revealing your address. These tools are available on that snowy land.

  1. Drive drones smartly

Cold Front Survival game mode is designed with drones. They are effectual to scout everything around. However, they can’t fly more than 300m from you.

Drive drones smartly

If you opt for a drone and travel with it, you can be found with no difficulty. If you wish to avoid being destroyed too soon, you can work together with a buddy who will prevent bullets from causing the death of you while you are controlling the machine.

Here are just a couple of tips and tricks to win Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile Cold Front Survival. If you’d like to share better instructions from your experience, you can leave comments here. To catch up with breaking news or any information about PUBG Mobile, connect to our site now!

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