PUBG Lite Patch Note: New Update For Sanhok – The Third Playable Map

The dev team of PUBG Lite PC Garena is back with another update for Sanhok map requested by most of the players! As you know, Sanhok is a very popular playable map in the game featuring a 4×4 km island compared to two other 8x8km maps, including Erangel and Miramar. Sanhok was created based on a lot of islands from South East Asia. You can take a look at the latest PUBG Lite update for Sanhok map now!

Playable Map

New update for PUBG Lite map – Sanhok

Paradise Resort

Paradise Resort

This place is regarded as one of the biggest areas in Sanhok that is suitable for players to descend and search for a lot of items for a tough survival battle.



You can find Boot Camp in the middle of the map where there are lots of better lootable items for players to grab. When you come to Boot Camp, it’s a very high chance for you to come across other players. You have to fight against them to stop them from stealing your items.



Ruins is regarded as the highly congested area in Sanhok where players are able to search for the best items. Within moments, it is likely to lose all items or gain all of them at the Ruins.

Pai Nan

This place is known as a city situated on the southwest quadrant of Sanhok. A small arm of the river splits the city, and you can swim or walk over the bridge to cross it. You’d better perform fast actions to survive in this area.

Sanhok is the third playable map in PUBG Lite PC download, and it features more areas in which you can join ruthless fights as well as experience the Battle Royale for real.

Bug fixes

  • Addressed the problem where you play as a squad and end up dying immediately without DBNO.
  • Addressed the problem about players collecting the items while reloading, and players keep reloading.

Never stop sending your feedback to the dev team of PUBG Lite PC game! The team is very glad and happy to listen to your thoughts and your feedback on these changes.

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