PUBG LITE Survivor’s Guide Officially Added!

PUBG LITE Survivor’s Guide Released!

It is the basic PUBG Lite guide for new participants! It is available for all to visit the section which has appeared on the homepage menu bar at the top! In which, it will show you the image and description related to maps and weapons that you can enter, use, and experience during PUBG Lite game.

The Survivor’s Guide to PUBG LITE which has been opened will bring back an easier way to reach a higher position on the ranking, especially for the novice players.

PUBG LITE Survivor's Guide Released!

Before you involve in the world of battle royal, you can travel around the current PUBG Lite tips and tricks to survive. Aside from playfields, you can find numerous types of tools and keys to move or perform your action within that match. Each of them will come with many details. It’s time to master controls and everything! Remember to share with friends!

Good luck!

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