PUBG Lite Weapons Full List

PUBG Lite Weapons Full List Opened!

PUBG Lite is regarded as a free-to-play adaptation of PUBG PC or PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. It is suitable for those who own less access to high-end hardware. To win in the new game faster, you’d better check its weapons arsenal. Everything you need is available. Just look up the following guide!

PUBG Lite Weapons List

Items that you use to cause damage to rivals in PUBG Lite for PC will be divided into different categories. In which, you can find smaller pieces. The collection will include the info about AR, SR, DMR, SG, SMG, Sidearm, Melee, and others. We will start with AR.


AR or Assault Rifles are the most used PUBG Lite weapons. They are convenient in almost circumstances, from long to close range. Do not forget to pick one of the objects below!

  • AKM – An upgraded version of the original
  • AUG – Known as Steyr AUG
  • Beryl M762 – Produced in Poland, it can replace the AKM
  • Groza – Appeared in the 1990s in Russia
  • M16A4 – Good for training
  • M416 – A stronger edition of M16 and M4 Carbine
  • MK47 Mutant – A formidable monster
  • QBZ – Made in China
  • Scar-L – Hide a meaningful explanation


SRs are Sniper Rifles. They can be utilized in PUBG Lite PC Download. It is not easy to obtain them. They are actually rare.

A few will come from supply drops. More importantly, they will do very high damage.

  • AWM – Offers steady sniping conditions
  • Kar98k – Initially deployed in Germany in 1935
  • M24 – It is a classic gear in the US army
  • Win94 – A standard level-action rifle


These Designated Marksman Rifles are PUBG Lite weapons that combine characteristics of assault rifles and sniper rifles. They are select for over short and medium distances.

  • Mini 14 – Deal big damage
  • MK14 – Perfect in the long and mid-range battles
  • QBU – A bullpup semi-auto rifle
  • SKS – A semi-auto carbine
  • SLR – A self-loading rifle
  • VSS – A special sniper rifle


They are shotguns, a common type from the PUBG Lite weapons list. With your powerhouse guns, you can wreak havoc without effort.

  • S12K – The newest Russian semi-auto SG
  • S1897 – The first-class pump-action SG
  • S686 – A double-barreled SG reserved for sports in the US


They are submachine guns. They are considered one of the best PUBG Lite weapons. If you arrive in urbanized areas and indoors, they will inflict the highest damage. But, they can deplete the ammo rapidly. Additionally, their effectiveness will decrease with the distance from the competitor.

  • Micro UZI – Take them in close quarters combat
  • Tommy Gun – A nickname to the Thompson SMG
  • Vector – A modern tool
  • UMP45 – Universale Maschinenpistole

PUBG Lite Sidearm

They are related to pistols in PUBG Lite mobile. They have dissimilar traits. So, you can distinguish them. You are not advised to opt for these guns in the latter phases of a fight. They can cause one or two early kills to somebody who is gearing up.

  • Sawed-off – A break-open shotgun
  • R1895 – A common seven-shot revolver
  • P1911 – It was chosen in wars
  • P92 – A semi-auto pistol
  • P18C – An Australian pistol with the auto mode

PUBG Lite Melee

They belong to a weapon type in PUBG Lite Steam.

  • Sickle – Ideal to harvest
  • Pan – USeful to save your backside
  • Crowbar – Wicked and functional
  • Machete – Effective to eliminate

Other devices in PUBG Lite

We will visit the last entry after the long guns list above.

  • Crossbow – Looks unique in combat
  • DP-28 – A Light machine gun
  • M249 – A contemporary light machine gun

Come to PUBG Lite you can test equipment that we have recently introduced. It should be connected to your skills accurately. Snipers, Assault Rifles, and Shotguns will be the top 3 best kinds in Battlegrounds.

Taking headshots will be the key leading you to a higher position on the ranking effectively. And, they will support you to implement that once you master how to fire.

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