Choose SoftEther VPN To Play PUBG Lite PC

SoftEther VPN helps you enjoy PUBG Lite PC

According to recent updates, it is easy to play PUBG Lite PC a popular Battle Royale game in many countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, or Singapore and more. It means that people from other regions cannot access. However, Open Beta PUBG Lite that has been released will allow everybody from over 16 nations to get it. If you are still in the list of restricted areas and you want to get entry to PUBG Download, you can check out the following instruction. In other words, you need to utilize a program to fake IP. It is named SoftEtherVPN. Amongst the current PUBG guides, the tip below is one of the best.

How to download and install SoftEtherVPN

There are five steps to use SoftEtherVPN.

Step 1: Search for SoftEtherVPN on the browser and download it. Or, you can take it from here.

Step 2: You should not forget to extract the file and set up it.

Step 3: Launch SoftEtherVPN and double-click on VPN Gate Public Replay Servers. A notification will appear. Strike OK!

Launch SoftEtherVPN

Step 4: You will receive a list of every VPN server from various territories. Select a VPN -> Connect -> Agree -> OK!

List Of Every VPN Server

Step 5: When the VPN is fully linked, “VPN Gate Connection” will pop up with the status “Connected”. Meanwhile, the frame will display “VPN Client Adapter – VPN”. The SoftEtherVPN has been installed and you have just gotten a fake IP.

VPN Gate Connection

Now, you can jump into your PC game to discover the map and prove your possibilities for free!

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