PUBG LITE Patch Note Released on May 9, 2019

PUBG LITE Patch Note: May 9, 2019

It is one of the latest and useful updates reserved for PUBG Lite Download in pc. Come to the current patch note you are able to experience a weapon along with some exciting systems, a cool BP box, and the other BP item, etc. Are you ready to explore every detail inside?

The development team added many interesting contents so that all of the players consisting of you will have the chance to download PUBG Lite and play your game in a better way. To make your journey more comfortable, they determined to continue to supply extra handy features and engage in the optimization.

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Another weapon has already appeared in PUBG Lite

Weapon in PUBG Lite

It is an AR called MK47 Mutant. It is a gun that you can find throughout maps in PUBG pc lite download free (Erangel and Miramar).

  • An MK47 Mutant can fire 7.62mm bullets. It is presented with a 20-round capacity which can be updated to 30 rounds if it goes with an extended magazine.
  • There are 2 firing modes for that AR: single-shot and 2-round burst.
  • Excluding the stock slot, almost attachments can be fastened to MK47 Mutant

PUBG Lite BP Box & BP Item

More objects have been thrown into the BP store of PUBG Lite play.

  • Together with the feedback from participants, the developers provided a tool so you can buy upgrades through BP. As the Patch Note #6 on April 11, you can recognize that you will obtain bonus BP after each successful stage. If you gather a lot of survival and kill bonus BP, you can visit the shop and choose whichever you like.
  • BP Box: Island Crate in PUBG Lite – Similar to the Hero’s Crate found after you install PUBG Lite, it is a separate one which can increase the ability to get high-tier equipment by 300%.
  • PUBG Lite BP Item: The Skulls Helmet – It is another skin for your protective hat, also available when you download PUBG Lite Apkpure. It can be selected for every level of the helmets from 1-3 upon purchase.

A few systems not existing in PUBG Lite before

Systems in PUBG Lite

On the top left of the screen in PUBG Lite download in pc, you can see it easily. Access that option and you can tun on or off settings at Settings > Gameplay > Networkinfo

Optimization and improvements for PUBG Lite

  • The crosshair color for the Red Dot, Holographic Sight, 2x Scope, and 3x Scope in PUBG PC Lite download free has been improved more.
  • It is possible for you and every competitor can spot the crosshair with a more realistic color.
  • Further, the movement sound when in prone mode is made more effective.
  • Refined the shooting range on the beginning island so you can’t hear the other persons’ gunshots
  • But, you can still perceive the bullets brushing past you. That issue will be fixed in a later patch.

Bug fixes to ameliorate PUBG Lite game

There are plenty of problems in PUBG Lite Play, which were reported by survivors and come from the developer’s analysis. We will focus on two major troubles: vehicles and ETC.


  • Removed the matter in which the water means of transport did not cause any consequence when they were exploded
  • The sound and the effect will pop up if vehicles bump into an obstacle.
  • Threw away the bug where the sound of the vehicles did not emit when you or somebody exited after driving
  • At present, you can be influenced when other players boost up speed.
  • Fixed the hard-top UAZ existence looked strange
  • The character will not stay on the top of the car whilst it is moving off a slope.

Aside from bugs happened to riders or drivers in download PUBG Lite, you can search for other ones for ETC. Don’t worry! They will not be seen anymore.


  • From now on, your motion will be connected while you are picking up resources and running.
  • The empty cartridges for the AKM will be released.
  • It is clear to catch sight of the crosshairs for scopes above 2x!
  • The vehicles which have been destroyed will be spawned again in the Training Mode.
  • Your body will not float on the airplane’s wing when it is flying over the Erangel’s starting island.
  • You will not be teleported to another region as soon as you get off.
  • Span items cannot be relinquished on the floor in the Miramar’s Ruin.
  • Finally, several minor bugs have been fixed.

Remember to enjoy PUBG Lite, keep up with breaking news, and support the developers’ team! Thanks for your reading!

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