PUBG Lite: Terms of Service Effective August 22, 2019

PUBG Lite: Terms of Service

Developers of PUBG Lite New Update have announced that terms of service for players in the game will be effective on August 22. It is available to test more details about what is upgraded for those rules. They will include additions and changes involved in the Global Account in the Terms of Service. They will better inform everybody of that account registry and all the things you need to follow.

PUBG Lite: Terms of Service Effective August 22, 2019

Relevant Schedules

  • The revision of Terms of Service for users of PUBG Lite game Download for PC will be valid from 2019/08/22.
  • Once it is gettable, the previous will stay in effect.

About the revision

If you agree to Terms of Service for PUBG Lite for PC, you will have to confirm your opinion before you install PUBG Lite in the USA or any regions.

For account

It is essential to register a PUBG Global Account before using your game and its services. Creating and utilizing the account must go after conditions below:

  • In principle, the company of PUBG Lite Free Download PC will accept the Account registration if you have never been restricted with their service. In case you generate an account for the first time, you will be required to provide your age which should meet the criteria for playing your favorite game and the service. You will be asked to offer your parental or legal guardian consent if you are a minor child. You are not allowed to create or control an account on behalf of a legal entity or for a commercial purpose.
  • After you complete creating or updating your account, remember to give out the correct individual information, for example, your date of birth. You are entirely responsible for any trouble which happens because of the wrong info given. You’d better know that the company can end your right to access the account and game’s service once everything you supply is not accurate. Do not forget to get up to date! The retention and usage of your personal profile will be managed and governed by the Company’s Privacy Policy.
  • Secure the account and history with login information! The company will not solve circumstances revolved around them under the condition that there will be not any intentional decisions or gross negligence from the company. You are advised to inform them if you spot any breach of security, comprising without limitation any loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of the login information.
  • Your account will not work through the official website if you want. When it does not run anymore, your data will be deleted, for instance, the currency in PUBG Lite APK Download for PC, levels, items, and characters. The company will not be answerable for any damage by you unless there is no intentional or gross negligence caused by them.
  • The company can suspend or terminate your account immediately when you violate any terms in the present agreement.

What mentioned above will be applied to PUBG Mobile Lite Download. Discover “what is PUBG Lite” and the whole world inside right now!

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