PUBG Lite: New Patch Note Released On June 4, 2019

A brand new update has just been released for PUBG Lite game on June 4, 2019, with the purpose of making the gameplay environment and experience of all PUBG Lite players much better. There are major updates made to the game, which should be carefully checked out. Hopefully, this PUBG Lite new update brings you a variety of brand new gameplay scenarios whenever you enjoy PUBG Lite for PC.

All updated contents for PUBG Lite game


  • Introduced QBZ to Sanhok
  • QBZ will be used as an alternative to SCAR-L in PUBG Lite Sanhok only

Weapons in PUBG Lite: New Patch Note


  • Introduced Rony to PUBG Lite Sanhok

Vehicles in PUBG Lite: New Patch Note

Item Spawn Rate

  • Developed the item spawn rate in smaller houses in PUBG Lite Sanhok

Item Spawn Rate PUBG Lite: New Patch Note


  • Playable Modes
    • Introduced Duo Mode to PUBG Lite PC game
  • GVoice
    • Attached a new feature to modify the voice sound level of teammates

Team Management
  • Scope
    • The system was altered in order for the last used scope reticle to be saved.
      • For Red Dot / Hologram / 2X / 3X
      • After ADS, the look and color for the line of sight will be saved as the lasted modified version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the problem about the player being able to teleport to another area in the map.
  • Fixed the problem about players getting trapped in the walls at Paradise Resort (Sanhok map only)
  • Fixed the problem in which it was impossible to direct the parachute movement after the parachute has been opened.
  • Fixed the problem about players being not able to sit in shallow waters (Sanhok map only)

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