PUBG Lite: New Patch Notes Released With More Updates And Improvements

Here comes a new PUBG Lite update in September! Check it out for further patch notes on gameplay, especially PUBG Lite 4vs4 match, together with some improvements.

Get ready for the latest updates in PUBG LITE! There are lots of changes, updates, and improvements that can be checked out in the PUBG Lite Patch Notes launched on September 5, especially the PUBG Lite 4vs4 match with unique modifications. If you are a PUBG Lite user, you must have a look at this PUBG Lite latest update right now!

All latest updates in PUBG Lite game

Weapon Balance Update


  • There was a rise in the base damage of Kar98 from 75 to 79.
  • There was a rise in per pellet base damage of S12K from 22 to 24.
  • Per pellet base damage of Sawed-off was risen up from 20 to 22.
  • Per pellet base damage of S686 and S1897 was risen up from 24 to 26.
  • The effective damage over a distance of all SMGs was also risen up.
  • The damage multipliers for SMGs were strongly increased as well.
  • Torso 1.05 (previously1.0), Limb 1.3 (previously 1.25)
  • The damage multipliers for Crossbow got risen up as well.
  • Torso 1.4 (previously 1.0), Limb 1.2 (previously 0.9).
  • There was a rise in the ADS zoom for default crossbow sight, which was up to 3%.


  • The base damage of M24 was scaled down from 79 to 75.
  • The base damage of Beryl M762 was scaled down from 47 to 46.
  • The base damage of ALM and Groza was also scaled down from 49 to 47.
  • The base damage of M416, QBZ, SCAR-L, and AUG was scaled down from 43 to 41.
  • The maximum bullet travel distance for the in-game shotguns also experienced a cut-down, from 1000m to 150m.


  • The bullets that were shot from duckbill attachment will now go vertically rather than horizontally.
  • The UMP in this update now employs 45.acp rather than 9mm like usual.
  • The Vector in this update now employs 9mm instead of 45.acp.

Gun Play Optimization

  • The FPS will not impact the rate-of-fire in this update anymore.
Gun Play Optimization

Vaulting Animation Quality Improvement

  • Already made a strong improvement to the vaulting animation quality in this latest PUBG Lite update in order to make the movement more realistic and sensible.
Vaulting Animation Quality Improvement

PUBG Lite 4vs4 match new updates

  • Once you press the REPORT button when the match comes to an end, there will be a red button being activated right beside the user ID. This button is good for reporting bad players.
  • Another update made to 4vs4 match in PUBG Lite is that the Max Kill Count was increased from 30 kills to 40 kills.

Crosshair shaking improvement

  • Feel free to use a secure grip and view to fire the enemies even though you are sitting with your comrades in a moving vehicle. The crosshair shaking got strongly improved, so you can do this easily now.
Crosshair shaking improvement

Shooting Range improvement

  • PUBG Lite shooting range is not much better, allowing players to use more bullets.

Bug Fixes

  • Made a solution to a problem in which players could traverse building walls if rubbed against it in Pai Nan (PUBG Sanhok map).
  • Made a solution to a problem in which players could take a look through some terrains by rubbing against them.

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