PUBG LITE: New Patch Notes Update Released On July 4, 2019

With the latest PUBG Lite Patch Notes update on July 4, players can get access to a wide range of new contents, such as weapons, vehicles, BP items, bug fixes, etc.

Are you curious about what’s new in PUBG Lite patch notes of July 4, 2019? The latest update for PUBG Lite PC is finally out featuring wonderful details, new additions, and more bug fixes. PUBG Lite game keeps receiving more and more patch notes in order to make the PUBG Lite gameplay much better. Let’s find out all details of the latest update in PUBG Lite right now!

New contents and features in PUBG Lite Patch Note July 4


  • Flare Gun was added to all PUBG Lite maps
    • Only players holding the Flare Gun will be able to see the remaining airdrops left.
    • The Flare Gun should be aimed then shot toward the sky so you can get a Special Airdrop or Armored UAZ.
    • You have to shoot it above 200m into the sky to get the airdrop.
  • Armored UAZ
    • You can summon Armored UAZ from outside of the Safe Zone or in the Blue Zone.
    • Phase 1: Once the Safe Zone is generated, the number of Armored UAZ grows by 2, and two of them can be obtained.
    • Phase 5: After the Safe Zone is generated, the rest number of Armored UAZ summons will be zero. This means you will not be able to call for the vehicle with the Flare Gun anymore.
  • Special Airdrop
    • You can call for a Special Airdrop in the Safe Zone.
    • Phase 2: After the Safe Zone is generated, the number of Special Airdrops will grow by 1.
    • Phase 3: After the Safe Zone is generated, the number of Special Airdrops will grow by 1.
    • Phase 6: After the Safe Zone is generated, there will be no Special Airdrops left, and this means you cannot summon them with the Flare Gun anymore.
Special Airdrop


  • PUBG Sanhok now has a new vehicle called Tukshai.
Tukshai to Sanhok.
  • Armored UAZ is also available in PUBG Lite (called for by Flare Gun only)
 Armored UAZ

Buy high-tier items at the BP shop

  • High-tier items that were not obtainable through the BP Boxes will be able to purchase separately through the BP Shop.
Purchase High-Tier Items at the BP Shop

Trade Items for BP

  • Open your inventory, choose the clothing items then click the “Exchange” button to get BP in return.
    • Keep in mind that temporary items are not accessible for Exchange.
  • The exchange rate will count on the background color of items.
Exchange Items for BP


  • Crushed the damage areas in detail.
Broke down the damage areas in detail.


  • Settings
    • Capable of matching the screen scale to your PC specs.
    • Setting > Graphics > Advanced Settings > Dynamic Resolution
Advanced Settings
  • Discord
    • Connected Rich Presence for Discord
      • When a person is playing PUBG Lite, it will be shown on the Discord channel.
      • Click to engage in the official Discord Channel for PUBG Lite PC.

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed and fixed the bug in which all the bullets were used to one area when being triggered with the muzzle attachments to some weapons, such as S12K, S1897, and S686.
  • Fixed the issue about the character being able to stand on the gun after dropping the Tommy Gun down on the surface.
  • Solved an issue about the muffler effect being decreased right after the compensator for QBU.

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