PUBG Lite Patch Note #02] Bug Fixes and Mode Changes

[PATCH NOTE #02] Bug Fixes and Mode Changes

PUBG Lite has already released many bug fixes to improve the gameplay experience. You can test details of the update and events here.

Hello survivors,

The dev team wants to give out features which have been added to PUBG Lite and ones that have been upgraded. Not only that, they were provided with a lot of useful feedback related to their anti-cheat system which caused it to become the most important matter that they determined to resolve. Furthermore, they will activate the report function aside from the improvement of anti-cheat ones, according to players’ requests.

Besides, they received voices from the community about the sound issue in PUBG Lite for pc. They worked to figure out the solution for some of them, which acted on the gameplay. Indeed, they would love to hear responses involved in changes from members. They promised to carry out whatever it could be necessary to offer a better game.

Duo Mode in PUBG Lite pc download game will not exist in the next time. Actually, it will be removed for a while. That is expected to build a smoother matching service. Although there are new updates and changes, you and everybody will have more opportunities to play and collect BP rewards through events. Try to follow the latest news about PUBG Lite!


Here is a summary of the main problems in PUBG Lite game that we have mentioned above.

Anti-Cheat System

  • Added the report function


It is an essential part of PUBG pc game.

  • Renovated the default mode setting to turn on “Continuous shooting”
  • Modified that default mode to start “Auto reload”
  • Prevention of Team Kill – Blocked to gun/melee damage
  • Reset FPP FOV in PUBG Lite to make it run correctly in the graphics option
  • The direction of shots will be displayed powerfully in real-time when you rotate.


It is a needful section of PUBG Lite for pc update.

  • The sound between in-game floors has been optimized so it will be performed truly.

In addition to Features, we will visit another piece of the patch. They used to be the trouble of characters in PUBG Lite.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the bug that somebody suddenly died when he or she was getting off a car located on a rough place
  • Fixed the issue in which the buggy got slippery while you were moving to the left or right after you accelerated
  • Fixed the side break when it could not be applied for you to exit from the means in the still mode
  • Fixed the booster effect of PUBG Lite pc download, which did not close if you hopped out the vehicle whilst you were controlling that item
  • Fixed when you were not able to deploy the object from the quick menu in the driver’s seat
  • Fixed a bug revolved around someone who could slightly teleport or jump when he was riding a motorcycle
  • Fixed the issue that it could allow you to drive even with a flat tire


  • Fixed the silencer of certain guns created unusual noises

Moreover, you can explore the following bug fixes.


  • Fixed the player who could arm 3 primary weapons
  • Fixed the bug that it showed as “Team-kill” when someone destroyed himself
  • Fixed when you did not find the item tooltip close by the death box
  • Fixed the locations in Miramar of PUBG Lite game that you could sink into the land
  • Fixed the shot that hit the leaf in Rozhok
  • Fixed competitors staying alive in PUBG Lite game did not show up on the world map


We have the schedule of events which will be reserved for fans of PUBG Lite here.

  • Event 1 Limited time change to gather DOUBLE BP!
    • Event Period: February 21 (after patch) to February 27 10:59PM (GMT+8)
    • Select your BP and gain the rarest items
    • During the week, you will be granted double the amount of BP!
  • Event 2 Fixed BP Price (1,000 BP)
    • Event Period: February 21 (after patch) to February 27 10:59PM (GMT+8)
    • Before -> 5 Random Boxes = 21,700 BP Needed
    • Now -> 5 Random Boxes = Only 5,000 BP Needed

Game Mode

  • Taken away FPP / TPP Duo mode

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