PUBG Lite Patch Note: July 18, 2019

PUBG Lite Patch Note on July 18, 2019

Get ready to explore the details of the PUBG Lite new release in the game for free! We have the main updates here.

Realistic Bullet Mark will depend on the Bullet Caliber

Realistic Bullet Mark
  • So far, the bullets with the size of a dot have been fired. However, the development team adjusted the gameplay so you can see that it becomes more sensible. Actually, they have set again the bullet mark of PUBG Lite download for pc, based on the bullet caliber. For instance, a bullet with a diameter of 5.56mm will be launched once you kill somebody with a 5.56mm gun.

Radio Message Feature

Radio Message Feature

There are many necessary changes for the radio message in PUBG Lite for pc such as:

  • Added its feature
    • Currently, you can deploy the item in every existing mode like Duo and Squad.
    • Not only that, you are able to show the radio message wheel if you scroll the mouse wheel or strike F3.
    • It is simple to opt for whichever from the list of 8 messages. It will instantly appear on the teammates’ left side screen.
  • Ping and Enemy Spotted in Lite PUBG download can be utilized in several ways. It is feasible for you to apply them faster with a few separate key bindings.
    • Ping: touch the mouse wheel or F3
    • Enemy Spotted: double click the mouse wheel or double F3
  • Ping is equipped with a variety of interactions.
    • Single out the Ping next to a specific item and it is not difficult for you to distribute the name and location of the pinged object with your members.
    • Besides, it is uncomplicated to deploy Ping on Care Packages or Death Crates if you want to share their position.
    • Ping the direction that you planned to head toward in PUBG Mobile Lite APK to inform the whereabouts to your friends.
    • The whole features mentioned above will automatically build a marker on the map. They are effective when they are chosen with the Tactical Map Marker.
  • The Enemy Spotted is helpful to rapidly notify the place of a rival that you have found.
    • You can pick “Enemy Spotted” at the opponent’s shelter to mark it on the atlas. Even, you can tell it to your buddies.
    • Messages in PUBG Lite download for android will alter by distance
      • Near Range: less than 50M
      • Medium Range: less than 200M
      • Long Range: 200M or more
    • If a hostile character is detected, Long Range 300′
    • Ping and Enemy Spotted will post messages to your partners within 500m.
  • Need Ammo will run actively, with the message indicating the ammo type of the equipment that you take. Ex: If you decide on Need Ammo whilst you wield an M416, the note which is provided with your team will be I NEED 5.56mm.

Team Management Settings in PUBG Lite

  • It is straightforward to block news from personal teammates in PUBG mobile lite new update by making the team management setting different!

Team Management Settings in PUBG Lite

Mission List from PUBG Lite Download for PC

  • You can search for your own quest status in real-time by hitting P when you are playing PUBG Lite for pc.
    • Developers modified the setting so everybody can’t edit the language while they are joining PUBG Lite in order to stop them from feeling confused with the description of each challenge.
  • The newest edition of lobby UI and functions has been improved.

Mission List from PUBG Lite Download for PC

PUBG Lite Season End

The temporarily operated season system in PUBG Lite Download for pc will be finished. It is a set comprising the leaderboard with individual stats. It will be switched off. But, it is being upgraded so it will be ready to kick off another stronger game experience to PUBG Lite fans. In the Pubg mobile lite new update, the group will come back with a collection of the season with rewards. Remember to follow for more info!

Bug Fixes

Here is the file of issues reported by the players from PUBG Lite for PC.

  • Removed the bug that showed the status image of those who were in the Training Mode on discord
  • Got rid of the matter in which you could look through the wall while running into a building one and pressing ADS with tilting
  • Fixed the problem that reloading your action would not be discarded regardless of looting something, opening a door, vaulting or getting in a passenger seat
  • The foes’ helmets can be now seen from a certain distance.
  • In addition to the affair above, you will not encounter cases below in Lite Pubg download.

Sound Issues

  • You can distinguish the noise of running, moving and walking footsteps
  • Fixed the bug where the sounds just emitted the footstep clue without the material tread on while the gun was triggered
  • The PC will not crash when you enter the lobby on some computers
  • Numerous minor bugs have been deleted

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