PUBG Update #27 – Test Server Update (Cont.)

Travel throughout the continued part of the important PUBG Update #27 - Test Server Update and see which ones of PUBG added and changed or overhauled right now!

PUBG Update #27 – Test Server Update (Cont.)

We have come with a few initial improvements for your favorite PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS game, from the newest Update #27. Here is the remaining chapter!


World in PUBG PC opens the gate that you can head into and rummage every corner your way.

  • To celebrate FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic in London this April, the dev team added FACEIT Global Summit ads to Sanhok and Vikendi.
  • On Vikendi, you can spot a very big billboard in Volvona without effort.

  • Meanwhile, on Sanhok, you can detect some posters around Ha Tinh, Paradise Resort, Pai Nan and Boot Camp.
  • It’s gettable to visit the official PUBG Esports website to explore the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic!


  • Developers have thoroughly renovated the UI on the PC Settings Menu of PUBG steam.
  • Reformed the system menu design comprising settings, team management screen, and so on
  • More described explanations for options inside Settings
  • Added preview photos for graphical choices in Settings
  • Added the switch to tune the private teammate volume on the team management screen
  • Added a Key Guide page to the Menu in PUBG pc download free
  • Store Enhancement
    • Refined the position of you and weapon axis so as to make you with tools look lifelike when being displayed
    • Tweaked the weapon size
    • Put the View Detail button out of sight when you check non-armed artifacts
  • Friends List Status Improvement
    • The notification Playing will pop up to those who are participating in two lists Friends and Recent.
    • If you are looking for somebody through the Search Tab, they will be confirmed as Playing
  • Rich Presence Integration – eSports Mode is always prepared perfectly since Update #27 for PUBG.
  • Crosshair UI Improvement for Canted Sight & Scopes
    • Added a crosshair if switching on the Canted Sight to assist you to single out the suitable scope
    • When you equip the primary scope, the standard crosshair will appear, with an X shaped one if picking the Canted Sight.

Replay System

  • In PUBG PC, the replay edition will run stronger and replays recorded earlier to our update are not accessible.
  • Altered to have the game audio only if exchanging movies from the Replay Editor
  • Get Highlight Replay features, together with another that you can choose to scan highlights with the H key when watching someone within a replay. Highlights of a target guy are built if:
    • The player in PUBG eliminates or releases a knockdown on a victim
    • The character is slain
    • That person flees from the Blue Zone with less than 5 HP
    • The player is successful in occupying a chicken dinner


There is a slight difference in the performance in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game.

  • Optimized Network Debug Statistics UI giving logic to pretty polish FPS
  • Did the same to replay recording logic to ameliorate FPS

Skins and Items

  • A 2nd Anniversary Cap held in PUBG is get-at-able and free! In which, you can redeem the cap at the Featured & Items Page from the store. It exists on Live Servers since Update #27. The period will start from the time the update is published until April 23 PDT before the live server maintenance.
  • Sales program for the stuff below will conclude when Update #27 reaches live servers:
    • Guerrilla Bizon Skin
    • Chinese Streamer Skins
    • East Erangel Police Crates (shifted to the pool of random crates)

Custom Party

  • Took off the default (preset) of a feature that you could save the location in the observing system of PUBG PS4
    • Separated the default whereabouts that you would travel when pressing Ctrl with the number key at once
    • Carried on the feature to keep a certain place
    • How to begin: Combine Ctrl + Number Button in the FreeCam view
  • Modified options in Custom Match, following the PUBG PC Gameplay changes above
    • Connected attachments for Pistols and SMGs into one area
    • Joined bullet loops for Kar98K and Shotguns
    • Turned UMP9 into UMP45
    • Revamped Tactical stock option from M416, Vector to SMGs, ARs
    • Added MP5K


It is a part of improvements in PUBG before we move to the last section.

  • PUBG will support for Irish

Bug Fixes

There are two installments in the Bug Fixes division. They will aid PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS game to be operated better.


  • Fixed an issue that the inaccurate footsteps’ sounds when wandering on steel floors
  • Fixed a bug when you would be stranded in a wall if you were moving on top of something in a structure on the Sanhok map


It is the final idea in Update #27. Hope it will resolve troubles inhabited in PUBG in depth!

  • Fixed a problem that you could not test past walls by harnessing the Emote mechanism
  • Fixed an error that survivors in PUBG could behold through a thin wall when they leaned against
  • Fixed the moment that you could unlock or close the door although it was blocked
  • Fixed the state in which a competitor was attacked by 2 Molotov Cocktails, the one throwing the first would be attributed with the kill
  • Fixed the bug for the smoke emitted from a grenade explosion indicated everyone inside the smoke grenade
  • Fixed the issue you could not lean when standing on a crossbow
  • Fixed participants inside PUBG PC who utilized the poor network connection would not be injured whilst they are getting off the moving car
  • Fixed a bug that made your gun change to single fire mode although the default was in full-auto
  • Fixed some bodies that their hands would swing strangely when swapping the firing mode on the Bizon
  • Fixed the Inventory UI that could not show precisely when choosing attachments on the QBZ
  • Fixed an object which stopped Care Packages from hitting the ground in PUBG
  • Fixed contestants who would not be recovered after the game client was finished or crashed
  • Fixed the item that was found in various spots to other protagonists
  • Fixed what caused the heavy FPS drops fleetingly pressing hotkeys to mute or do up audio channels
  • Fixed automatic mini-map zoom while you were in the aircraft or falling down from a parachute
  • Fixed the bug that players of PUBG steam could put on properties which they had traded for BP before
  • Fixed handling Page Up or Page Down which could occasionally cycle between two persons
  • Fixed the gun recoil that could behave unusually when keeping an eye on somebody shooting in ADS
  • Fixed the video length sliders in Replay Editor, which was hard to observe
  • Fixed the join between the neck and the body, which could not be hidden
  • Fixed a bizarre line from the players’ head in Zombie Mode
  • Fixed the Canted Sight in PUBG, which raised the ADS pace of other scopes connected
  • Fixed equipping a magazine on the Beryl, which informed the wrong magazine model
  • Fixed switching from the main to the canted sight, that could rework the reticle brightness

Thanks for your reading!

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