All About PUBG Mobile Lite Released In India

PUBG Mobile Lite India is about to be released! The new version of PUBG Mobile Lite contains brand new features in terms of gameplay and graphics. Check them out!

PUBG Mobile Lite is known as the lighter and smaller version of the original PUBG Mobile. PUBG Lite game was only available in the form of Beta before, and now, everybody can welcome PUBG Mobile Lite officially released in India.

Finally, the PUBG development team made a decision on introducing PUBG Lite in India. The development team released this India version to all players who currently own low-end mobile devices with low RAM so they can have better gaming experience.

At the moment, there is no confirmation yet about PUBG Mobile Lite India Release Date, but still, the Indian version already draws the attention of many PUBG gamers from around the world. Being built with Unreal Engine 4, this PUBG Mobile Lite edition is compatibility with more mobile devices. PUBG Mobile Lite in India features a smaller map that allows only 60 players to play together. This new PUBG Mobile Lite update is just more than 400MB a bit and suitable for all devices with less than 2GB RAM.

PUBG Mobile Lite India Main Features

Aiming enhancement

Aiming Enhancement

With the new aiming support, players will be able to catch their targets more easily, and it can work well even when your Internet is running low. The intensity will be different between crawling and standing, which simplifies the controls while remaining a unique experience in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Upgrading to Winner Pass

Upgrading to Winner Pass

Winner Pass is now used in PUBG Mobile Lite India as an alternative to Royale Pass in the former PUBG Mobile Lite. All achievements will be unlocked more quickly and they can last for up to 1 month with many different rewards.

Bullet adjustment

Bullet Adjustment

PUBG Mobile Lite Indian version will have the bullet speed increase and there is no drop effect featured, making the landscape much clearer when shooting, especially effective for the places that have low Internet.

Weapon recoil reduction

Weapon recoil reduction

The recoil of a weapon will be reduced to a certain extent, facilitating the game control and giving a better experience for a low network. Different kinds of guns will have different effects, which highlights the different experience of every weapon.

More time to kill enemies

More time to kill enemies

With this PUBG Lite Mobile update, players will have more time to kill enemies appropriately, which will enhance the survivability of players in the matches and encourage them to play actively.

Location display

Location Display

With this smaller PUBG Mobile Lite map, each gunslinger will see the surroundings in the range of the mini-map, providing information to exploit the battle, simplifying and increasing the speed of the battle.

Healing while moving

Healing while moving

Now, the player is able to heal their wounds in every position, except lying down. This feature is particularly useful in high latency condition when all moving actions can have an influence on the healing mechanics in PUBG Mobile Lite. This will help accelerate and grow the ability to survive in the game.

Building area/supply optimization

Smaller areas are added to PUBG Mobile Lite. The building density and frequency of supplies have been developed to speed up the looting process and enhanced the battle process.

Graphic quality optimization

Raphic Quality Optimization

PUBG Mobile Lite also has the map quality optimized and the loading screen becomes much faster.

RPG integration and new gun addition

RPG Integration And New Gun Addition

With PUBG Mobile Lite in India, players will experience a brand new weapon added in other game modes, which allows them to form more interesting tactics of attack and defense.

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