Open Beta PUBG Lite Released New Maps And 4v4 Mode

Get ready to play Open Beta PUBG Lite which has released new maps and an exciting 4v4 mode! Fight for survival and try to be the last standing man at the end!

Open Beta PUBG Lite is launched!

The version Open Beta PUBG Lite has been released and it is available in many countries. PUBG Lite is an edition having a lighter capacity than PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds kicked off initially in some certain nations. Developers later determined to expand the beta test phase by allowing the game server access to over 16 regions. In recent posts, the team has also mentioned to 2 keys that will improve the player’s gaming experience:

  • Introducing Open Beta for PUBG Lite on August 8
  • PUBG Lite 4v4 Mode (Team Deathmatch) is coming soon

Open Beta PUBG Lite

Indeed, PUBG Lite New Maps and the room reminded above will appear in the game.

PUBG Lite used to be Project Thai. The debut of PUBG Lite was set in Thailand to test. However, developers have already decided to provide their product to all places and they will not restrict the access to the game server. Remember that PUBG Lite is still in Beta. So, you can witness bugs during gameplay.

The PUBG Mobile Lite Update is rolled out after the presence of PUBG Lite Beta, too.

If you want to play PUBG Mobile Lite India, you can easily master all of the best ways which show you how to download PUBG Mobile Lite.

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