Download PUBG Mobile APK Version 0.14.0 For Android

The latest version 0.14.0 for PUBG Mobile APK Android is finally released! Get ready to download the official link and hop into the game to show up your skills!

PUBG Mobile APK Download Updated Version 0.14.0 for Android

PUBG Mobile APK Download

PUBG APK Download Latest Version 0.14.0 is ready for you to explore! It’s easy to experience a Battle Royale style online PUBG game developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is based on the last man alive gameplay, which is inspired by a movie named Battle Royale. In PUBG, 100 persons will take part in a survival horror war after they are dropped on a deserted island. They have to search and collect weapons with necessary equipment before they kill each other and avoid being eliminated. There is a safe zone which can shrink in size over time, pushing all people to a smaller place. The ultimate survivor will be the victor.

PUBG on mobile

PUBG Mobile Download APK Free is available to play! After the launch date, the game has become one of the most popular titles with millions of users around the world. Tencent negotiated with Bluehole to introduce PUBG to the mobile platform. It is officially called PUBG Mobile. With the initial gameplay from the PC version, PUBG Mobile is completely free for both the Android and iOS devices. At present, you can check out PUBG Mobile APK for PC without difficulty.

Original graphics in PUBG Mobile Amazon Fire APK

Although the PUBG Mobile Download is not as strong as the console or PC, Tencent still applies a stunning rendered graphics platform. If you get PUBG Mobile Download latest version, you can begin with a picture of an airplane carrying every player across a large location. After parachuting from the plane and decide on a landing spot, you can look for guns and supplies. Like PUBG Mobile Amazon Fire APK, the game is extremely smooth. It is really interesting to fly in the sky before you hit the ground!

Details of houses, grass hill, cars, bridges or rivers are designed meticulously.

Playing PUBG Mobile on PC is simpler

With the presence of the PUBG Mobile latest APK Download, you can move and shoot without effort. There are numerous activities to perform, for example, drinking, jumping, sitting or reloading, and so on. Not only that, driving is quite exciting.

Enter PUBG Mobile APK for PC you can gather plenty of good weapons, items, and more. Accessories will be divided into dissimilar tiers.

Game modes of PUBG Mobile Download

There are various modes in PUBG Mobile Download APK Free to choose from. You can participate in the journey alone, with a partner, or with some teammates. As well, do not skip zombie modes where you will fight against scary monsters. From the newest version for PUBG Mobile Download, you can earn higher ranks and dominate. Likewise, remember to utilize the anti-cheating mechanisms to report violations!

Download PUBG Mobile APK

Before you copy data from PUBG Mobile APK for PC v01.4.0, you are recommended to possess Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB memory. For other devices, you can try out PUBG Mobile Lite.

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