Get Your Victor For Free In PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 Update is proud to bring a lot of changes and new content to players, especially the brand new character named Victor. The addition of PUBG Mobile Victor has made the in-game character system more diverse, which gives more experiences to gamers. Besides this, you can also get access to other exclusive features in this latest update, namely new zombie Infection mode, PUBG Mobile skins, and some upgrades for gameplay. You can officially play with PUBG Mobile Victor character on August 26.

Thanks to the latest update with the diverse character system in PUBG Mobile, you will easily become amazing characters and will explore unique story content, put on beautiful clothes, and enjoy impressive voice with exclusive abilities. Victor is a character that is free for all! You can play as him for a new experience. Although he is worth a try, he still has a disadvantage which is that you can only use Victor’s skills in EvoGround (Infection mode, Zombie: Survive Till Dawn and Zombies: Darkest Night).

Victor For Free In PUBG Mobile

How to come into the possession of Victor in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Victor character finally made his debut in the game through the latest update 0.14.0. Victor is a character who is always a fan of submachine guns and you will have a chance to receive special rewards from him in EVO mode (aside from TDM). It’s time to find out how to unlock Victor in PUBG Mobile.

Victor in PUBG Mobile

Getting access to Victor is not very hard! First of all, you will have to log into the game then move to the Time Limited section on the event menu. Pay attention to the It’s The Day event, you will read a story and watch a video about this PUBG Mobile character, then you will understand more about him, especially his abilities, preferred gun, and ammo.

The Possession of Victor in PUBG Mobile

Level 10 will be the starting level of Victor in PUBG Mobile. You are required to accomplish all the tasks with Victor if you want him to experience an upgrade. After you have completed a task, he will be improved and obtain unique items. For those who don’t have time to sharpen Victor’s skills and train him, they can buy 200 XP with 12 UC to increase his level. Whenever you get to a new level, your Victor character will receive some outfits and emotions. For those who want to obtain special features, they must gather enough pieces of character through the character’s tasks.

You will have a chance to explore a wide array of new characters with exclusive features thanks to the new PUBG Mobile character system. Right now, Victor can be a hot character that leaves a big impression on players when he is able to kill enemies using his favorite submachine gun. Also, he can be good at optimizing the reload time, with a reduction of 4% reload time for SMG and an increase of 5.5% when he gets to level 2.

The Possession of Victor in PUBG Mobile

Victor is voiced individually in PUBG Mobile. He is provided with exclusive clothes. Another important thing you need to remember about this character, which is also mentioned above, is that you can only utilize his skills in Evo Ground mode (excluding for TDM mode). For now, you can get access to PUBG Mobile Victor for free from August 26 to September 9. Make sure you get all the tasks done for obtaining Victor, rare items, and even exclusive outfits.

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