PUBG Lite: Introducing Become A Primary Player Event

Becoming a Primary Player of PUBG Lite game is always a basic goal for all gamers! With the beginning of the PUBG Lite open beta, a new care package system has been prepared to give all players joining the game. If you make a decision on becoming a real Primary Player of PUBG Lite, you will get a lot of detailed information revolving around the game contents and many unique rewards.

PUBG Lite Open Beta Become A Primary Player

Who can join PUBG Lite Become A Primary Player event?

How to join PUBG Lite Open Beta Become A Primary Player event

Step 1: You have to click the “BECOME A PRIMARY PLAYER” button anytime between August 1st and August 8th.

  • For the users that have current accounts: simply login then click that button.
  • For the new users who have no accounts yet: you must create an account then click the button.

Step 2: Now you have done participating!

Rewards for you

You will receive up to 5 Soldier’s Crates once joining this Become A Primary Player event in PUBG Lite

Rewards For You
  • Distribution Date: From August 8th to August 10th
  • Distribution Method: The rewards will be sent to you via your e-mail. Make sure you also check your spam inbox.

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