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PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion

Engage in the latest event reserved for PUBG LITE and you will have the chance to collect a lot of interesting items. The detail below will show you more. Remember to follow all!

PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion Launched!

Play PUBG LITE pc download free full version you will be able to be a member of an intense match. It is a light edition of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In fact, PUBG LITE is releasing in 52 additional countries on October 10th. It will comprise Russia and some European nations.

In celebration of the expansion to new regions, developers made a plan to kick off a playfield in which you can obtain plenty of fantastic prizes.

More info about PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion

Firstly, the period of the competition in PUBG LITE for PC will start on Sep 26 and end on Oct 8. It is for every PUBG LITE customer.

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How to involve in PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion

  • If you are a PUBG LITE user, you can touch the button “CLICK TO PARTICIPATE” between 9/26(Thurs) ~ 10/8(Tues). If you are using the current account, you can log in and press that switch easily. In case you are a newbie, remember to create an account before doing that.
  • Secondly, you will take part in the event of PUBG LITE PC Download and get weapons like Desert Camo – M416 & Rock Star – AKM.
How to involve in PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion
  • Distribution Date: It will happen between October 8th (Tues) and October 11th (Fri).
  • How to distribute:
    • For newly servicing region users, they can access through the email that they logged in with.
    • For the rest, they can visit the inventory of PUBG LITE.
  • Especially, you will acquire more rewards if more people accept the event. So, it is important to share it with your friends!
How to involve in PUBG LITE Open Beta Expansion

To see more events in PUBG LITE or PUBG LITE Mobile, you can check the official Facebook page or update them here. Have fun!

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