PUBG Mobile: Full Characteristics And Transforming Styles Of Three Zombie Types

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 has become an amazing new PUBG Mobile update thanks to the new zombie mode – Infection mode. Now, everybody wants to know more about this PUBG Mobile new zombie mode, especially all types of new zombies. All of their characteristics will be included in PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Guide below. Let’s check it out!

Full information about PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

This PUBG Mobile new game mode contains three rounds in total, and all of them will be set on a new map called the Lost Harbor. Because this is not a big map, battles here will become much more intense and more difficult to conquer. It’s very important for the players to watch out for their environments and they must use their good strategies as well as teamwork to defeat the opponent team.

Zombie types in Zombie Infection Mode

PUBG Mobile Zombie Infection Mode features three zombie types, including Speed, Stealth, and King.

Zombie Types In Zombie Infection Mode

Each type of zombie has its own characteristics, way of changing, attack style as well as special abilities. You will have a better chance of winning if you know all zombie types in this new game mode.

Speed Zombie

How to transform:

  • Speed Zombies are the default zombies. If someone gets infected by T-Virus, they will turn into a Speed Zombie.
Speed Zombie

Exceptional case:

  • If you get eliminated by a Defender, you will have a choice to become either a Speed Zombie or a Stealth Zombie after you respawn.


  • Speed Zombie looks like a male with a strong body, but it has no hair and shirt. The body of this zombie type also shows some veins with inner muscles. Speed Zombie has a terrible look when it shows up.
  • Speed Zombie moves very fast.
  • Speed Zombie can easily turn an enemy into a zombie with just only one single hit by hands.
  • Speed Zombies can increase their movement speed for a short time. They will use this unique ability to get an upper hand on the enemies.

Stealth Zombie

How to transform:

  • Stealth Zombie will show up only after being killed by Defender.
How to transform:


  • Stealth Zombie looks like a woman with a slim body. Stealth Zombie has a shirt on with a Gipsy-style scarlet hat around the head.
  • Stealth Zombie is identical to the Speed Zombie in terms of movement speed, which means they can go as fast as the Speed Zombie.
  • Stealth Zombie uses long and sharp claws to assault an enemy, different from the Speed Zombie using one simple hit by hands.
  • Unlike Speed Zombie, Stealth Zombies are unable to grow their movement and attack speed gradually. However, they are armed with a very special skill which is that they can become invisible using cloaks. They will take advantage of it to get an edge over the enemies.

Zombie King

How to transform:

  • Zombie King will show up in the arena once you have attacked foes and obtained a Booster or destroyed two Defenders.
Zombie King


  • The size of Zombie King is much larger than Speed Zombie and Stealth Zombie.
  • Zombie King cannot move as fast as Speed Zombie and Stealth Zombie.
  • In a battle, the amount of damage dished out but the Zombie King is much higher than Speed Zombie and Stealth Zombie.
  • Zombie King has no special attack abilities like the other two zombies, but they are able to increase the defense and HP for other nearby zombies.


  • When the Zombies are killed by Vanquishers, it is impossible for them to respawn.

Other characters in PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

Defenders and Vanquishers are the two characters in PUBG Mobile Infection Mode besides three zombie types. These two ones belong to the human team, Defender first, then Vanquisher later.


  • Defender is the first soldier joining the human team in PUBG Mobile Zombie mode.
  • Defender has 660 bullets and 2 rifles. They will use these weapons to beat the zombie team.
  • If a zombie kills a Defender, they will get infected by T-Virus and will turn into a Speed Zombie.


  • Vanquisher also belongs to the human team. Vanquishers only appear in the arena when there are only 3 Defenders left on the battleground.
  • The Vanquishers will use a machete to attack the zombies, rather than using weapons like the Defenders.
  • The attack speed of Vanquishers is much faster than the Defenders, and also, they can even dish out a higher amount of damage.
  • The Vanquishers can attack the zombies much faster and deal more damage to them.

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