PUBG PC Season 4: Introducing Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath

PUBG’s new Aftermath Survivor Pass is something very hot right now in PUBG community. As you know, PUBG PC has experienced a wide range of PUBG updates, and each of them brought a new different experience to all players. PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath will be the next present that you can access in PUBG PC Season 4.

Together with the new season PUBG game coming out, Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath will bring the past and present of Erangel map through skins and items from the wide history of the island. Players will access a variety of missions and can level up their passes to unlock more than 100 awesome rewards in this PUBG PC Season 4.

AFTERMATH is an amazing addition of a cooperative mission system that allows survivors to team up with each other for mission goal accomplishments and rewards gaining. In PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath, an improvement has been made to the mission change system as well, which permits the survivors to change more missions using BP.

No more waiting! You should pick up Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH right now and go discover the Battlegrounds for a better experience!

PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath Details

Survivor Pass Period

  • The commencement of PUBG Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH will be officially on July 23rd PDT and it will continue until October 15th PDT with the conclusion of the live server maintenance. (12 weeks in total).

Premium Pass and Level-up Items

  • Players can buy the Survivor Pass and Level-up items until the end of the season.
  • The level-up items are purchasable in 5, 20, 30, and 50 level amounts. You can buy them in the in-game store.

New Cooperative Mission System

  • The gist of Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH is the new cooperative mission system allowing players to team up with each other to reach milestones and earn rewards.
  • With the mission progression gauge that is spotted on the mission tab, you will view your mission progression, and find out what rewards you will get when you finish every step.
  • You will experience 5 phases in total. For each phase you finish, a unique reward will be sent to you.

Mission Change System improvement

  • 3 daily missions can be swapped per day for free! If you want to change extra daily or weekly missions, you can use your BP for that exchange.
  • If you already accomplish all 3 daily missions, you can finish a new set of daily missions using 1,500 BP.
  • You will see a prompt letting you enter straightly the appearance tab by clicking the button in the popup when you unlock new rewards.

General Mission Details

  • Schedules to update the missions
    • Daily Missions: Reset every day at 7:00 PM (PDT).
    • Weekly Missions: Reset every week at 7:00 PM and every Wednesday (PDT).
    • Premium, Season, and Challenge Missions: Approachable to complete during the course of PUBG Season 4.
    • Premium Missions: People who have purchased the Survivor Pass can get access to these extra missions. Once finishing a set of missions, they will earn rewards.
    • Season Missions: Approachable throughout the course of PUBG Season 4. They bring 5 mission sets (2 for free and 3 for the pass holders) as well as new rewards to players.

Survival Title System Season 4

  • Be free to rise up and take all the chances you have because the PUBG Survival Title Season 4 is finally here bringing you brand new season rewards.
  • As soon as the PUBG PC Update 4.1 reaches the live servers, you will get access to Survival Title Season 4.
  • The Survival Points (SP) that you gained from the former season will experience a soft-reset.
  • Your former SP is totally reset, although it is crucial to think about when you calculate your starting SP for PUBG the new season.
  • There is a significant increase in SP gains in PUBG maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi to ensure that SPs earned are more rightful throughout all maps with the same amount of time played.

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