PUBG Update #27 – Now Live

PUBG Update #27 is out! The latest update will be accessible on live servers and it will feature some newest content for you to check out. The PUBG team is getting thrilled and glad to make an announcement with it the release of their third Survivor Pass – Wild Card. Below here is the patch report for a summary of what can be expected in this latest PUBG update.

If you want to explore all the alterations added to this update, you can check out the full patch notes

In this update, players can get access to a brand new event called Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, together with 60 rewards available. To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of PUBG game, the dev team has also included a free 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CAP which can be checked out in the store.

Are you excited about Survival Title System Season 3 that has also been released? You must explore this one now! There has been a soft-reset done to Survival Points from Season 2, which means that you will not have to begin it again from scratch. The ones reaching the threshold already to claim season rewards will get them soon.

Flare Gun also experienced several major alterations, even the quality of life improvements was also included. Vikendi now has the new MP5K SMG, the loot on Erangel was also increased. In addition, there have been many alterations to weapon balance, including getting the M16A4 stronger as well as the aim punch being decreased.

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