Releasing Weapon Mastery for PUBG PC

Get ready to explore the Weapon Mastery progression system which is currently available in PUBG game! This latest weapon progression makes its arrival to PUBG Update #28, and at the moment, you can only get access to Weapon Mastery on Windows PC, while it is still in development for Xbox and PS4.

Releasing Weapon Mastery for PUBG PC

About Weapon Mastery in PUBG PC

With this weapon progression system, players will be capable of growing their levels by obtaining weapon XP. The earned XP is totally based on the weapon that was used. The weapon mastery is not seasonal, and it is accessible at all times. Each weapon will have a maximum of level 100.

And also with the Weapon Mastery in PUBG, you are totally able to reach the lobby and check the weapon use information with the last match result. Your rewards that you have received so far will be also displayed by the lobby.

There is a brand new concept released with Weapon Mastery, which is called Defeat. A player Defeats another player by:

  • Slaying any enemy in the solo playlists
  • Taking down any foe in duo or squad playlists
  • Slaying the last player standing on a team in duo or squad playlists

You need to learn that a player does not beat a player by destroying an already downed player in duo or squad playlists. Of course, you can totally beat your own teammates. Plus, a Defeat goes along with the current judgment rules for DBNO/Kills that are currently employed in the game.

To gain Weapon XP in PUBG, you have to meet at least one of these components during a match:

  • Damage
  • Headshots
  • Defeats
    • Based on the distance of defeats, you are able to earn extra weapon XP.
  • When Weapon XP is gained, the amount received will grow based on the period of time you survived

You need to remember that Weapon Mastery does not count:

  • Friendly fire/team damage;
  • Defeats caused by road kills or environment elements (such as red zone, blue zone, drowning or fall damage)
  • Throwables or melee damage.

Three rewards are supplied with Weapon Mastery, medals, charms and tier emblems.


You can attach charms – known as accessories – to your weapons, and you can use them with any weapon skins. You can gain brand new charms every 5 levels per weapon. You can easily unlock acquired charms or equip yourself with them using the rewards page. Any charms you added to weapons are visible in the game. You cannot sell, trade, or even exchange charms for BP.



Thanks to the medals, the accomplishments of players, which were achieved by using their weapons, will be highlighted. You can gain medals many times.


Tier Emblems

Emblems are the same as the level brackets obtained per each weapon with a maximum of 10 tiers.

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