Upgrading PUBG Battle Points System In The Next PUBG Update

Ever since of release, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) has never let gamers down. Conversely, it has been contributing to the success of Battle Royale survival game genre and keeps taking the genre to the next level with further updates released. There are plenty of elements that make PUBG game more developed, especially PUBG Battle Points which were attached to the game through PUBG updates. With the next PUBG updates coming out in the future, players may find it a little bit hard to gain Battle Points after each match in the game.

Bringing better gameplay performance to all PUBG games is always one of the top priority things that the PUBG development team dedicates to do. The team finally came to find how important the Battle Points were to the game. They are making an effort to modify the way people play so they can earn more Battle Points more easily.

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So what are the Battle Points in PUBG?

PUBG Battle Points (aka BP for short) is used as a currency in PUBG, and players spend their earned Battle Points on multiple free items. After every match you have joined, a certain amount of Battle Points will be directly sent to you. Based on many elements, like the total number of kills you accumulate, the amount of time you stay alive and your location, you will earn a suitable amount of BP.

What do you use Battle Points for?

As mentioned above, BP is like a currency in the game, and when it comes to the currency, you will think about spending it on some items that you want. Battle Points can be used for purchasing things easily. You should play more matches for more battle points, then spend them on awesome stuff. The players who have spent most of their free time playing PUBG game will receive a lot of BP. To work this out, the PUBG dev team will improve the Battle Points system.

How to gain BP in the next update

The more matches you join in PUBG game, the more Battle Points you will receive. The PUBG dev team has spent their time working on new items bought by the Battle Points and they now will bring all of them to you. With the improved Battle Points system, players who regularly play PUBG game will now get more BP. In addition to this, the dev team is looking into some possible ways to spend Battle Points in a smart way, for instance, modifying the PUBG Survivor Pass missions using the Battle Points.

These changes are expected to be valid in the next PUBG update in June for PUBG PC. PUBG Mobile may still have a chance to upgrade the Battle Points system even though there are no plans for that yet. For the PUBG PS4/Xbox One, some exclusive changes will be carried out, which is similar to the PC version.

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