PUBG PS4: Update #4 Patch Notes

With the latest PUBG PS4 Update on Live Servers, players of PUBG PS4 game will experience various new features, contents, and changes. Check it out!

Update #4 Patch Notes With New Contents, Features, And Changes

The next PUBG PS4 Update is finally out! Get ready to explore the new PUBG patch notes PS4 for more contents, such as Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, Erangel loot balances, the new weapon – MPK5, bug fixes, etc. As you know, PUBG game is not only updated on the PC version but also on PlayStation 4. Now, the users from the PS4 platform can enjoy the game with the new update for a better gameplay performance. Before diving into this new PUBG update PS4, make sure you learn the maintenance schedule of the server:

Maintenance Schedule:

  • PDT: May 27 10PM – May 28 2AM
  • CEST: May 28 7AM – 11AM

What’s new in this latest PUBG Update PS4?

New Weapon: MP5K

  • The MP5K is the latest sub-machine gun added to PUBG PS4. It is only available in Vikendi map and it is an alternative to the Vector on that map.

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Survival Title System Season 2

  • There are some awesome changes made to Survival Title System Season 2.


Weapon Balance

  • M16A4
    • M16A4 will now grow its efficiency when it is used for fighting over long distances.
  • Vector
    • The chamber of Vector has been changed to utilize 9mm ammo and the magazine capacity also has been grown to 19 bullets by default and 33 with an expanded mag (used to be 13/25)
  • UMP45
    • Similarly, the chamber of the UMP9 has been remade to utilize 45ACP ammo, and it is now called the UMP45. For the magazine capacity, it has been modified to 25 bullets by default and 35 with an expanded mag (used to 30/40)
  • MK47 Mutant
    • Now, the MK47 Mutant can contain Tactical Stock
  • Attachments Balance Modification
    • When these attachments are added to pistols, the sight’s size will be decreased in order to suit more properly.
  • Hit Area Damage Multiplier Changes
    • SMG limb shot damage was advanced from 120% of base damage to 125%
    • SR body shot damage was developed from 110% of base damage to 130%
    • The base damage of the AWM was reduced from 120 to 105.

Gameplay Balance

  • The overall aim punch applied was reduced when an enemy shoots.
  • First aid kits will not recover your health immediately anymore after use timer. Instead, your health will be recovered over a 2 second period.
  • Players are now obstructed by the vehicles from taking grenade damage with the same mechanism that was used for other objects.

Item Spawn Balance Modification

Erangel Loot Changes

  • The spawn rates of overall items on Erangel map have been grown. Also, the spawn rate of some important weapon classes was also developed.

Crosshair UI Improvement for Canted Sight and Scopes

  • A new crosshair as attached when the Canted Sight was used in order to make sure the players figure out what scope they have equipped.

Crosshair UI Improvement for Canted Sight and Scopes

Movement Rustling Sound


  • Different rustle sounds will now play when you equip weapons in your hands and when you holster them on your back.

Sound level balance

  • The rustling sounds that come from backpacks and weapons are the same in volume and audible distance


  • Made a change to the lobby background and BGM in the game
Made a Change To The Lobby Background And BGM In The Game
  • Redesigned the system menu UI
  Redesigned The System Menu UI
  • Redesigned the emotes customization UI
Redesigned The Emotes Customization UI


  • The level streaming was optimized and the loading speed of proximate buildings was strongly upgraded by 30-40%.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug about the footsteps on a steal surface making the sound of the wrong material in Sanhok map.
  • Fixed a bug about players being incapable of leaning while they are standing on a crossbow.
  • Fixed a bug about a particular object stopping Care Packages from descending on the ground.
  • Fixed a bug about a certain object popping up in various areas to other players.
  • Fixed a bug about the canted sight growing ADS speed of other scopes that were equipped.
  • Fixed a bug about changing from the main sight to canted sight making the reticle brightness reset.
  • Fixed a bug about a character model shaking when moving to prone.

Known Issues

  • The icons and health bar of the teammate occasionally don’t pop up on the screen. Report this bug immediately if you experience it during your game. Remember to give the relevant information that explains how the bug happened.

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