Download PUBG Mobile 0.12 Update

It's available to download and enjoy PUBG Mobile 0.12, an interesting update including plenty of amazing items! Let's play and test every inside detail right now!

PUBG Mobile 0.12

It is the next update for PUBG Mobile download containing a lot of features not existing in the game before.


It will be the first item that we will mention. It used to be the Event Mode. EvoZone is its new name. Special game modes such as Zombie: Survive Till Dawn and a few additional ones will appear soon within your journey.

Zombie Darkest Night

It is one of the latest modes that you will have the chance to experience when playing PUBG Mobile live. Different from the previous one Survive Till dawn, Darkest Night is a distinctive section. Every participant will be only able to go out to search for weapons and food for themselves at daytime because the entire air will be poisoned at night. Furthermore, it is regarded as the ideal moment that corpses will wake up and start their hunt constantly.

Event Mode

As the news revealed above, it will be EvoZone. Additionally, it will change slightly the typical survival genre like PUBG Mobile download for pc, when players will not focus on knocking down each other. But, they can pay attention to looting good equipment along with other items and stay alive in front of a scary horde of zombies.

Survive Till Dawn

  • It is a mode in PUBG Mobile PC Tencent game, which has been altered and added. It is a familiar room. Meanwhile, the other zombie modes will be equipped with 2 weapons: RPG-7 and Explosive Crossbow.
  • Not only that, you can face the undead which is capable of climbing over short walls and on roofs. Moreover, some of them can jump and look like dangerous dogs. Don’t worry! Launching liquid nitrogen grenades at these foes will slow their movement speed.
  • If you have Jungle Mag, your ammunition amount will be doubled. It will serve for ARs and can be found if you defeat certain particular zombies.
  • Stun Grenades in PUBG Mobile on pc are effective to block their progress.
  • They will take more damage when they are attacked with the flamethrower.
  • Zombies in the new version will walk slower if they are shot.
  • Currently, you can quickly chat with other people by using the voice default or classic packs in Survive Till Dawn.
  • Characters in PUBG Android or iOS can accomplish daily challenges in that mode.
Download PUBG Mobile 0.12.0


There is another Scope option for PUBG Mobile users. Head into the setting area and you can customize the crosshair color of scope, red dot, or holographic sight.

Follow the match of friends and teammates

It is simple to do that if you click the icon on the right side of their name, from the list. Besides, you can watch the battle of buddies again and again without charge.

Unlock extra achievements

Aside from the former accomplishments, you can gain other ones when you hop into the arena of PUBG Mobile free play online.

  • Best Companion
  • Superstar
  • Winning Culture
  • Adventurer
  • Until Dawn
  • A Step Too Far

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