Improved Rustle/Rattle Sounds in PUBG

The DEV teams of PUBG game made some changes to the Rustle/Rattle sounds emitted by the character’s movement and upgraded them for realistic gameplay.

The gameplay balance in PUBG game has received a lot of updates, especially the ones launched in the latest patch (Patch 27), and the development team made a decision on upgrading the sounds created by a character’s movement. This is regarded as a critical sound for gameplay. The PUBG team would like to make an explanation on changes and give out some before-and-after examples so the players get more information on the alterations for the Rustle/Rattle sounds.

The former sounds created by the character’s movement

To keep upgrading realistic elements in PUBG game, the Dev teams put their efforts into making the sounds created by the character’s movement much better. Before that, when someone was sprinting at a fast full speed by using the shift key, he/she will release a fixed amount of Rustle/Rattle sounds. You can take a look at a detailed example via a video below:

As can be seen from the video above, the rustling sounds in the early game were still released by the action of the character, even prior to equipping any equipment. There were some cases in which the rustling sounds were not released when the character walked and walked at a very slow speed.

The sounds have been altered to be more natural in order to simulate these cases more realistically while trying not to affect the gameplay. In addition, the dev team also researched methods to upgrade the movement sounds of the character overall as a part of these alterations.

Enhanced Character Movement Sounds

Below here are all the overall enhancements that the dev team has made to Rustle/Rattle sounds in PUBG game.

  • Only weapons and backpacks will release Rustle/Rattle sounds.
    • The Rustle/Rattle sounds will not be emitted from pistols and melee weapons.
  • While sprinting, using the Shift key, the Rustle/Rattle sounds will be emitted at their highest volume.
    • If running at a normal speed, the Rustle/Ratter sounds will be at a lower volume.
    • It is hardly possible for Rustle/Rattle sounds to be emitted while walking slowly or crawling.
  • The general audible range of Rustle/Rattle sounds are not as high as the footstep sounds.

To better explain the alterations, a few video examples were given out with the above situations.

  • Characters who don’t equip major equipment will not release Rustle/Rattle sounds anymore.

  • About weapons, there is a discrepant Rustle/Rattle sound while you are putting a weapon on your back and your hands are holding one. It will be slightly louder when a weapon is held.

  • Made an improvement to the realism of sounds released by characters wearing a backpack.

<Rustle/Rattle of equipped bags>

  • When you hold a gun, with a secondary gun you are wearing, together with a backpack on your back, three Rustle/Rattle sounds will be released at the same time.

<Rustle/Rattle sounds while weapons and equipment are fully equipped>

The main objective of making changes here was to ensure that the character sounds would become a bit more realistic. This probably seems to be a somewhat subtle change, however, the dev team dos believe that sound is one of the most crucial factors in PUBG, therefore, they wanted to make sure that all players had a better comprehension on the alterations they were creating. They are a part of Update 27 that you can check out now on live servers. If you have any inquiries or want to send your feedback on these changes, feel free to send them to the development team so they can make the realism, balance, and quality of the game much better.

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