PUBG Season 5 Update Is Out Now With New Changes And Upgrades

PUBG Season 5 finally comes to the test server with a wide range of upgrades and great changes. Feel free to discover what’s new in PUBG PC 5.1 now!

No more PUBG Season 4! Let’s have a new experience with PUBG Season 5 packed with a wide range of updates for gameplay. You are going to get access to brand new features, more content, and many fresh things in this fifth season of PUBG PC.

The latest PUBG PC Update 5.1 is coming to the test server, bringing Miramar update, Survivor Pass: Badlands, Community Mission, throwable melee weapons and so much more. You will definitely love to try all new challenges brought to you by the PUBG Miramar map. Also, you can use the throwable weapons to deal damage to other players, as well as enjoy new upgrades for the custom match, UI/UX, performance, etc. Below here is a cool video with the message from Executive Producer TS Jang about the new season. Please have a look at it then you can check out all the latest PUBG 5.1 patch notes!

New features and updates in PUBG PC 5.1

PUBG Miramar new updates

  • LA Muerte Vamos Track
    • A race track – the venue for A La Muerte Vamos in Miramar has just been added to PUBG Season 5.
    • Players will get through brand new objects on the track as well, including loops, jumps, ramps, and signboards. They are everywhere on the Miramar map.
  • New Gold Mirado
    • Gold Mirado is a new vehicle featured on PUBG Miramar. You can find this new car in Hacienda del Patron.
    • Some terrains in Hacienda del Patrol have been modified. Now, players can ride the Gold Mirado out without any trouble.
    • Every match has one Gold Mirado.
  • Cleaned up Miramar to make it much cleaner
    • Mirama had trash and small objects in lots of buildings. But now, they were all wiped out to help players find items much more easily.

Upgraded item spawn balance for Miramar

  • Weapon and scope spawning rates have been strongly increased at long range in order to better fit the long-range clashes that usually happened across Miramar.
    • AR – 12% increase
    • DMR – 29% increase
    • SR – 42% increase
    • Win94 – 30% increase
    • Scopes – 18% increase
  • The pistol spawn rate was lessened by 31%
  • The helmet, bag, and vest spawn rates were slightly developed.

Vending Machine

Vending Machine
  • In Miramar and Camp Jackal now have some Vending Machines. Players will have a fresh looting experience with these machines rather than picking up items scattered on the floor.
    • You are able to get Painkillers and Energy Drinks from the Vending Machines.
    • Vending Machines are only accessible in Miramar and Camp Jackal.
      • You can spot Vending Machines randomly at some set locations in Miramar.
        • Locations: Gas stations, Casino, Arenas, Motels, and commercial buildings.
      • You can spot Vending Machines at the warehouse and gas station in Camp Jackal.
    • Sometimes, the Vending Machines offer many Energy Drinks to you at the same time.
  • When you have no covers, use Vending Machines instead. However, you must be very careful when using them as covers. Since all of them are well protected by the top-quality technology, your location may be revealed to the enemy when the machine takes damage.

Survivor Pass: Badlands

Survivor Pass finally makes a comeback to PUBG game in this season 5. Say hi to Survivor Pass: Badlands, PUBG Season 5 Royale Pass as well as a bunch of PUBG Season 5 Rewards. All of them will make your experiences much better. There are plenty of new community missions letting you play together to discover the mysteries of Miramar.

Community Mission System

Whether you have bought PUBG Premium Pass or not, you can always stick with other friends to fill up the Community accomplishment gauge. Then, you will be awarded a lot of skins and even uncover the mysteries of Miramar.

Community Mission System
  • You can fill the mission gauge fast if you go find new mystery collectibles dispersed on the Battlegrounds.
    • Once you have found and opened special Cardboard boxes, feel free to grab one of the three different objects.
    • After picking them up, you will see them on the Community Mission accomplishment gauge like this:
      • Disc piece: This means 1 point toward Community Missions Goal
      • Broken disc: This means 2 points toward Community Missions Goal
      • Old DVD: This means 3 points toward Community Missions Goal
    • The number of discs you already got will be shown in the inventory.
Community Mission System
  • Don’t forget to check your contribution points to the community missions from the Survivor Pass’s community mission tab.

Season Missions

  • PUBG Season Missions features two tracks: Melee and Badlands
    • Melee Track: The merged missions have 2 missions each (that means 4 missions in total). You use melee weapons for these missions and the rewards for you are 2 melee weapon skins.
    • Badlands Track: The merged missions have 4 missions each (that means 8 missions in total), and you will get 2 Miramar related skins.

Progression Missions

  • When you gradually progress through missions during PUBG Season 5, you will earn a lot of XP. PUBG Progression Missions have 3 mission tracks and one track for achieving milestones.
    • Track 1, 2: There are 10 missions that have difficulty growing through over time. All players can engage in these missions.
    • Track 3: There are 12 missions that have difficulty growing through over time. Only the players who purchased the Premium Pass can join them.
    • Milestone: They are the missions for acquiring some achievements relating to daily, weekly, and challenge missions.
      • For example: Accomplish 100 total daily missions.

Challenge Missions

  • With these high-level challenge missions, you will get great rewards using designated weapons.
    • First mission of every track: Even if you purchase Premium Pass or not, make an effort to get to some Survivor Pass levels (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) for a T-shirt reward.
    • Second mission of every track: Try your best to accomplish the weapon specific missions while having the T-Shirt you got from the first mission on.
    • Remaining mission in every track: Diverse weapon specific missions.

Awesome level-up items for Premium pass mission rewards

  • One of the premium pass mission rewards will now have awesome level-up items.
  • You cannot find these items in the market. When the subsequent season (PUBG Season 6) begins, they will be triggered.

Survivor Title System

Survivor Title System

Survivor Title System Season 5 is coming, which means players will experience new changes to the Survivor Points (SP) system.

  • When PUBG Season 5 commences, you will earn rewards for Survivor Title System Season 4.
  • SP will undergo a soft reset. The performance you had in PUBG Season will be applied to your starting SP in Season 5.
  • Balanced Survivor Point again:
    • Beginner (1 point) ~ Expert (5000 points)
      • To help players grow their titles easily, the amount of SP earned from every match was grown.
      • Your points will be safe in this SP bracket, just like the former season.
    • Survivor (Over 6000 points)
      • Both kills and placement of the players of Survivor Rank will be taken into consideration. If their rank is in the bottom 30% overall in a match, a certain amount of their SP will be deducted.
      • Make sure your SP will not be under 6000.

A message from the PUBG development team: After the developers have noticed the current system, they figure out that players could earn Lone Survivor rank by simply partaking in many matches, even though their results were not good. Because of that, the PUBG game will now have a new system from season 5, in which the SP of common players or higher-ranked players will be deducted in the matches with poor results. The developers hope that this system will better act for Survivor and Lone Survivor ranks as accomplished titles for the ones who have been trying so hard to achieve them.

New updates for Gameplay

Win94 is back

Win94 is back

Are you ready for the return of PUBG Win94? It is back now with new upgrades. This weapon will now have a 2.7 scope that cannot be removed, while other specs were not changed.

  • PUBG Win94 can only be accessed in Miramar.
  • There is also a feature permitting throwing items to teammates.
New Updates For Gameplay

PUBG Season 5 introduces a great feature about throwing demanded items to their teammates.

  • When your teammate asks for healing or ammo items through radio messages (the mouse wheel scroll), an icon will show up above their head. This icon will permit you to throw the demanded items to them fast. You simply press button (F) to do this action.
  • 15m is the maximum range you can throw the items to your teammates
    • When you dash or in a hard-to-reach position, you will probably not get the items tossed by your teammates, and the items will fall down to the ground nearby.
  • The items tossed by your teammates will come into your inventory straightly
    • But they will come onto the ground at your feet if your inventory doesn’t have enough room for them.

Melee weapons are now throwable in PUBG Season 5

Melee Weapons Are Now Throwable in PUBG Season 5
  • Now, you can throw PUBG Melee weapons to destroy your opponents.
  • Many melee weapons can be stacked in your inventory from now. Feel free to bring them at the same time.
  • Bear in mind that there are two melee damage categories when you toss the melee weapons:
    • Machete, Crowbar, Sickle: These melee weapons can be thrown a maximum of 40m. Based on the distance, the damage will deplete from 75 to 25.
    • Pan: This melee weapon can be tossed a maximum of 30m, much shorter than the first ones. The damage range will minimize from 90 to 40 depending on the distance.
  • If you want to deal the most damage to enemies, try to assault them within 15m. From a 15-30/40 distance, the damage dished out will begin reducing.
  • You only need to throw one melee weapon to the head of the helmetless enemies to kill them from within 15m distance.
  • Simply use RMB while you are holding a melee weapon, then use LMB to throw it.
    • When aiming, a trajectory will be seen, just like grenades.

Specific changes for Erangel

  • No Red Zones appear after Phase 3 anymore.
  • The vehicles will now appear more often on common and mountain roads.


Upgraded Customize UI

Upgraded Customize UI
  • The categories have been put together by the item type. Thanks to the filter feature added to the game, you will find it easier to look at every item type.
  • Feel free to check multi-slot (Top+bottoms, Hair+face, etc) items from individual categories and multi-slot category.
  • Some players have sent the feedback to the game developers, saying that they found it hard to click the back button. Hence, a change was carried out to the size as well as the location of the button to help players click it easily.
  • Once you have achieved at least one new item, the number of achieved items will be visible to you by the highest category (e.g. wardrobe, weapon, gear) and a yellow marker will be visible by the sub category (e.g. head, torso, legs, feet) when there are new items in the inventory.

Upgraded Store UI

  • If you don’t have the money for items, a button taking you to the charging page will appear instead of the purchase button.

Upgraded In-game UI

  • Upgraded the shooting mode display so the players can have a look at the ammo information with further details.
  • Upgraded the key guide icon in the game.
  • A new animation was attached to the system menu while you hover over some options.
  • Some on-screen texts displayed in Training Mode now have a new change. The purpose of this change is to better fit the mode.


  • Strongly optimized the cities in PUBG Erangel. This will address several hitching and freezing issues.
  • Strongly optimized the physics engine of vehicles to suit client and server performance much better.


  • The driving sound volume for several PUBG vehicles was deducted.
    • UAZ, Snowbike, Bike, Zima, Mirado, Motorbike w/ Sidecar, Minibus, and BRDM-2
  • In addition, the audible range, frequency, and volume of the insect buzzing sound that players can hear in several buildings were also lessened.
  • The volume of water-related ambient sounds, including the wave and river sounds, was also decreased.
  • The sound of Ledge Grab on wooden and metal objects was modified in order to be suitable for the material.

Custom Match

Made some limited presets for PUBG Zombie Mode

PUBG Zombie Mode now has several new settings for a better experience from the last patch.

  • Zombie Elimination: If a human gives up to their zombie attacks, they will become a zombie in this edition of Zombie mode.
    • One team will be the Human while other players are Zombies
    • You will get infected if you get attacked by a zombie. And if you meet your end, you will become a zombie after a short time.
  • Zombie Survival: Try to survive the chaos as long as possible and make your team the winner by becoming the last man standing.
    • The time limit was activated. If any human survivor stays alive when the timer is completed, the human team will win the battle.
    • But if humans were under attack by zombies, they will become infected, and if they meet their end, they will turn into zombies after a short time.
    • With this update, the zombies can now respawn.
  • Zombie Royale: It is the same as the classic battle royale game but it has a twist. If survivors are killed by zombies, they will transform into zombies.
    • If a human player remains alive until the end of the battle, they will win the match according to the rules of Battle Royale.
    • Rules on the circle and rules for spawning settings are similar to the public match.
    • Players will get infected when touching down on the ground. Hence, if a person meets his end, they will turn into a zombie and they can respawn one more time.
  • For those who want to make games with these new presets, they must become the official PUBG Partners. You can play the new zombie mode with PUBG Partners that you like.

War Mode (Platoon battle option) and War Mode: Conquest now feature ground respawn

No movement path or front line made for PUBG War Mode (Platoon battle option) and War Mode: Conquest, even though the modes are 1:1 matches between two teams. Due to the difficulty of playing with tactics after jumping out from the plane, an option was created to let players descend on the ground easily without the need of parachutes. In addition, they can enter the battle again after getting killed.

  • You can re-enter the ground by default if you choose “Platoon Battle” in the battle scale options.
  • There are 4 options for the types of respawn, such as the primary air-dropping option, and three other newly-added options, like:
    • Death location
      • You can re-enter on the location doe died after a time
    • Starting location
      • You can re-enter on the preset starting location after a time dying.
    • Chosen respawning location
      • You can re-enter on the selected location after meeting your doom. Pick the location anytime you want during gameplay from the beginning area, or teammate, or the taken area.
      • If the selected taken location is empty, which means you didn’t select it, the respawn location will auto change to the nearest taken location or the beginning location.
      • If the selected teammate is killed and you don’t choose him/her, the respawn location will auto change to the starting location.
    • Only the official PUBG Partners can create games using these new presets. This allows you to enjoy wonderful spawning rules with the PUBG Partners you like.
  • Feel free to set the respawn time at your own taste in the option.

Attached another option to the Custom Match to limit throwables amount

  • With this option in the Custom Match, the host can put the maximum amount of throwables for every player.

Upgraded observing UI

  • There were some elements experiencing an improvement, including name layouts, team lists, kill feeds, and player lists UIs.


Added a wide range of theme elements to celebrate the PUBG Global Championship held in this November. A special change will be implemented to the game lobby during the PGC 2019 season.

If you want more details about PUBG Global Championship 2019, click here!

  • Included PUBG Global Championship decals and billboards in the game.
  • Also included a PGC 2019 plane banner.
  • All the work on the Erangel Hall of Fame located in the north of Shelter was done.
    • There were plenty of elements included in the game to celebrate the time from the PUBG Global Invitational 2018. Probably, you will experience even more special elements included in the Hall of Fame in the future.
  • Modified the light balance of Vikendi to lessen the overall glare.

Replay System

Already upgraded the replay system, which means you are not allowed to use the replay files from the previous updates anymore.

Bug Fixes

  • Already fixed a problem with constant collision noises when a vehicle doesn’t make any move against objects or terrain.
  • Already fixed a visual error about coat skin that continued moving in a weird way while in the lobby.
  • Already fixes a bug where weapons don’t show up in the inventory of players in War Mode and War Mode: Conquest settings when players select some equipment kits.
  • Made a fix to a bug where the frame drop occurs infrequently in Training mode.
  • Made a fix to a bug where dynamic weather effects would fade out for players that had when rejoined a battle after being disconnected.
  • Already solved a problem where there was no footstep sound emitting when a certain player moved through some water puddles.
  • Fixed a problem where the chambering animation did not display the number of loaded bullets when the S1987 reload was canceled.
  • Fixed a bug where melee weapon damage had no effect on vehicles.
  • Fixed an error when watching caused backpack and vest status to fade out wrongly.
  • Already solved a problem about players being unable to hear their own crouched footsteps sometimes while they were barefoot and moving in a puddle.
  • Made a fix to a visual bug that affects the feet appearance of the character when they wore Leo Jumpsuit and Ghillie Suit together.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which the portions of the body of a character would be clear with some clothing combinations equipped.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which the portions of the waist of a character became clear when wearing some clothes combined.
  • Made a fix to a bug in which the portions of the hand of a character became clear when putting on combined clothes.

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