PUBG Update #27 – Test Server Update

Access PUBG PC game and open up the Update #27 - Test Server Update to learn more about the efforts of developers and players! As well, get ready to play and win!

PUBG Update #27 – Test Server Update

Update # 27 is one of the most important releases to bump up PUBG PC game. It supplements some weapons, a Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, more than 60 rewards, and so on. Update # 27 is on the PC Test Server! In order to celebrate two years of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, a free cap has been sent to the shop, according to the request of players.

The Distress Pistol or the Flare Gun of PUBG is fully improved. Vikendi users can find and wield the MP5K while the amount of loot in Erangel will be increased. There are several useful rebalances for weapons, for example, the M16A4. Finally, fixing bugs is regarded as a necessary piece in PUBG updates.

Here is the full detail of Update # 27!

The MP5K

  • In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it is a new compact machine gun which is reserved for Vikendi map. So, the Vector has been put back.
  • An MP5K can shoot out 900 rounds in each minute. It is easy to handle.
  • The base damage point that it offers is 33.
  • The MP5K provides module slots so you can use it with kinds of charges, a laser sight, riflescopes, etc.

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Come to the fun-addicting PUBG steam game and compete against multiple persons for survival. Furthermore, you are recommended to seize every opportunity to dig deeper into other items such as Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card. It will be rolled out soon. It is a pass that hides 60 prizes which can be collected during 10 weeks. Besides, you can engage in enhanced missions. Do not ignore the feature to follow them in reality!

Duration of Survivor Pass 3

Survivor Pass 3 in PUBG will take place from the application of update # 27 to June 5th.

Advanced Features

  • The status of the objective is PUBG will be found live during the game.
  • Strike the P key to check the condition of your task!

New Quests

There are various types that fans of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game can join.

  • Daily: They can be modified frequently. Remember to win them on time! You are allowed to solve a maximum of 3 jobs per day.
  • Weekly: There are 10 challenges. It’s possible to deal with a maximum of 5 per week. If they cannot be finished promptly, they will be deleted.
  • Beginner: There are 10 trips awaiting you ahead. They contain different features of PUBG.
  • Not only that, there are other challenging journeys added so you can prove the own shooting skill easily.
  • As well, do not skip the Tommy gun, Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, or the M16A4 when you immerse into additional ones! Try to obtain weapon skins!

New awards

  • Play PUBG PC and discover accessories for face and hair, with the backpack skins! They are free rewards of Survivor Pass 3.
  • Moreover, each level you fulfill will give you a coupon to exchange random artifacts and keys.

Premium Pass and Level Gain Pass

  • Premium Pass: € 9.99
  • A key will be supplied to holders of a Premium Pass. It is deployed to recuperate an Eastern Erangel police box.
  • Level gain objects
  • Dominate 5 levels (4,99 €), 20 levels (17,99 €) or 30 levels (24,99 €)
  • Period of sale: It is from the app of Update # 27 to the maintenance of the server of 05/06/2019.


  • The option for Languages will be turned off during PUBG so as to defend it from a crash connected to the details of the mission.

Survival Title System – Season 3

We have already arrived at Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card of PUBG mobile pc. You can uncover more with the installment after Season 2 Beta. It is Season 3 which is operated based on the feedback of PUBG players. Season 3 consists of another rewards system and awards of the previous season.

Season 2 Beta Prizes

  • Doling out gifts to the application of Update # 27 of PUBG
  • They will belong to those who have reached better than the Novice and they will be decided by the final outcome.
  • They are divided fast. That will take less than a day.
  • If you did not get anything by the advertised date, please contact the Customer Service department!
  • If you are a survivor by cracking the policy, you will be restricted to receive rewards. Even, former ones will be taken back.

Season 3 title system schedule

  • Preseason in PUBG pc download free will get underway from the 20th to the application of Update # 27.
  • Start Date: From the application date of Update # 27

An upgraded balance of survival points (SP)

  • SP that was scavenged during Season 2 will be changed.
  • Rebalanced the SP gain rate

New rewards system

  • Contrasting from what set during Season 2 Beta of PUBG, every promotion will go with Yellow Coupons. These coupons can be utilized through Season 3.
  • The SP info button is now the reward one.


There are a few remarkable modifications for PUBG, for instance,

  • The Survivor Title Rank icon will not come with stars but with Roman numerals.
  • You can see the stats at the end of the match.
  • From the Season Page, you can look up rewards for Season 3.


Here are crucial improvements for weapons, modules and the destruction in PUBG ps4!

To weapons


  • Minimized the initial shots
  • Increased damage
  • Added a staggered viewfinder with a buttstock


  • Cut down the damage to 31
  • It will fire 9mm bullets.
  • The loader capacity is boosted up to 13/25.


  • It can release .45 ACP bullets. So, it is known as UMP45.
  • The loader capacity is up to 30/40.
  • The noise of shots is adjusted.

Balancing changes for modules

  • Put together of categories of modules in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS for Pistols and Submachine Guns
  • Added rifle ammunition belts: Win94 and Kar98k.
  • M16A & Mutant can be chosen with the lacrosse – Shortened the recovery time after recoil and the jolts of the equipment while shooting
  • Slightly advanced the period of using and the accuracy of ADS – The size of the viewfinder is linked to that of the gear

Differenced in injury damage

  • Arm damage in the event of a submachine gun injury is increased a bit, 120 ->125%
  • Damage to the body in case of a sniper’s injury also climbs from 110 to 150%

Rebalances for object appearance

It is a required section to recondition PUBG pc.

  • Seats launched by combining modules will be shared properly. It will escalate somewhat the rate of priority items existence (assault rifles, equipment, care packs, etc.)
    • There have nothing strange in Miramar, Sanhok, or Vikendi item rates.
    • But, for Erangel, the rate of some types of weapons’presence is improved.
      • Assault rifle: 12%
      • DMR: 16%
      • Submachine gun: 14%
      • Slightly added more handguns and sniper rifles

Gameplay changes

  • The first aid kits in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game will not suddenly recover your energy. They will take 2 seconds.
  • The loss of sight when being touched
  • Scattering the rustle of the backpack, costumes, weapons, and what you wear:
  • To the backpack and outfits, there will not any sound heard if you are not furnished with a backpack, a suit or something like that. Sets that you carry will leak the same rustling regardless of their level.
  • To arms of PUBG steam game,
    • Emit dissimilar rustles depending on whether it is equipped with a weapon in hands or in the back
    • Even though you utilize disparate sorts of weapons, they have identical rustling.
    • For pistols, melee weapons and Molotov cocktails, there will not be rustling related to throwing tools.
  • Stabilize sound levels
    • The rustle of backpacks, clothes, or weapons is indistinguishable.
    • The volume and radius of the rustling changes will be influenced by the speed whilst moving.

Modifications for the Distress Gun or the Flare Gun

It is an amazing device in PUBG that you can trigger to summon great airdrops outside or inside the safe zone. We will exploit its user interface and user experience first.

  • UI/ UX
    • Countless players in PUBG commented that they felt uncomfortable with the icons and the message on the screen because they did not fit the style of the game and did not supply a sensible Battle Royale. After the development team considered, they withdrew them.
  • Sound Adjustments
    • As a result of the Flare Gun addition to PUBG pc download free game, there were many more airplanes often roaming in the sky. That made players unpleasant because of their noise and frequency. That led the developer to a cooler plan for aircraft. The altitude of planes which especially moving care packages after the Flare Gun fires will be to 500m (350m formerly)
    • Likewise, what you hear will be hauled down.
  • Loot Balance
    • The Flare Gun spawn rate has been lowered to an average of 3 per match in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game on every map.
    • In game modes, the Care Package contents are also cut, from 2 to 1.
    • The Flare Gun health kits which are at hand to be summoned in each game will be lessened. So, you will only get 2 amongst particular care packs and 2 armored UAZs.
  • Movement Rustling Sound
    • It is an essential entry in the Test Server Update for PUBG.
    • Weapons: the distinct rustle sounds will work if you wield something vs. what you keep on your back; the same rustling will be activated regardless of their kind; except for pistols, melee items, and throwables which cannot create those vibrations
    • Sound level balance: the rustling effects of the backpack, outfit, or your gear are not disparate. The perceptible distance and volume of that will mutate actively based on your speed. Note! The audible range of the rustling sound is not as high as footsteps.


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