PUBG Xbox One Patch Notes Update #8

Find out new contents and brand new features added to PUBG Xbox One via the latest patch notes update #8 which is finally released. Let’s explore it now!

PUBG Xbox One latest update is finally here! All players should be ready for update #8 which is about to reach the live servers on June 27. In this PUBG update, you will get access to a new system called Weapon Mastery, and learn more about the Controller Preset Type C, together with new awesome features. Before jumping into the PUBG Xbox patch notes, make sure you take a look at the maintenance schedule below:

Maintenance Schedule:

  • PDT: June 26 10 PM – June 27 4 AM
  • CEST: June 27 7 AM – 1 PM

New feature: Weapon Mastery is now available on PUBG Xbox One

  • New Progression System
    • Weapon Mastery is regarded as the latest progression system allowing players to grow their levels by earning weapon XP based on the weapon they used in the match.
    • There are up to 100 levels offered by Weapon Mastery. Players can try to level up to get more weapons.
  • Weapon Mastery Rewards
    • Three kinds of Weapon Mastery rewards are offered and you can get them via Mastery achievement.
    • Charms
      • You can easily utilize charms with any weapon skins you like.
  • Medals
    • The accomplishments that you carry out using their weapons will be now highlighted by medals.
  • Tier Emblems
    • You are able to get emblems based on the level brackets you have obtained for every weapon.
  • How to earn Weapon XP
    • Provided that you meet these following elements, you will get weapon XP:
      • Damage
      • Headshots
      • Defeats
  • There is always a maximum limit on every weapon that is able to obtain weapon XP.

PUBG Xbox One New Controller Preset: Type C

  • Introduced a new Controller preset, type C
    • Feel free to modify the preset settings in the menus labeled Configuration – Control – Controller Preset
  • No aim (over the shoulder) key is attached in Preset C
  • You can use the LB or RB key to lean

PUBG Xbox One Auto Equip Attachments

PUBG Xbox One Auto Equip Attachments
  • Auto Equip Attachments options were now included in Configuration – Gameplay
    • You will see that there are three options: Auto Equip Attachments, Auto Equip Scope, and Auto Replace Attachments
  • Auto Equip Scope
    • Scope type attachments have three various settings so as to decreased unexpected circumstances throughout the course of the battle.
    • Setting – Off
      • For the scope type attachments that will not attach automatically, they will get into the inventory.
  • Setting – Sight Only
    • There are some sight type attachments you can equip, including Red Dot, Hologram Sight, and Canted Sight
  • Setting – All
    • All in-game scopes now will be attached in an automatic way.
  • Setting – Auto Replace Attachments
    • You can replace a current weapon with a new one. When you do that using key X, the compatible attachments will be attached onto the new weapon automatically.

PUBG Xbox New Gameplay Upgrade

Featured Map

PUBG Xbox New Gameplay Upgrade
  • Now, the PUBG Xbox One featured map has been rotated from Sanhok map to Erangel map.

Erangel 2nd Loot Rebalance

  • Increased the total number of items appeared in Erangel by around 28%.

Open/Close Doors Animation Improvement

  • Made an enhancement to the algorithm to specify when vehicles are halting doors, hindering them from opening or closing.

Mission List

  • It is impossible to check the mission list while you are still in the starting area or on the plane by pressing LB.

New Parachute Gauge

New Parachute Gauge
  • Already made an improvement to the parachute UI with more visibility. Now, it has two gauges which include the current speed and a more detailed altitude reading.
  • Made an improvement to the teammate status UI.

Tactical Map Marker

Tactical Map Marker
  • The new Tactical Map Markers of PUBG Xbox one game contain 6 different marker types for various situations, including Attack, Danger, Defend, Loot, Regroup and Vehicle.

Throwables Crosshair Improvement

Throwables Crosshair Improvement
  • Attached new crosshair to PUBG Xbox One. With this new crosshair, players can figure out the use of overarm over underwarm throwing stance when they use throwables.

Vikendi 2nd Loot Rebalance

Vikendi 2nd Loot Rebalance
  • Blue zone adjustments
  • The first safe zone will appear in more different areas. Also, the waiting time between the blue zone stages has already been decreased. This will support a broader variety of gameplay experiences around Vikendi map.
  • Vehicle spawn rate adjustment
    • Made a change to vehicle spawn rate to assist the new blue zone settings.
  • Item spawn rate adjustment
    • AR spawns increased by 1.4x
    • DMR spawns increased by 2x
    • SR spawns increased by 7x
    • SMG, Shotgun, Pistol Crossbow and spawns have been somewhat reduced.
    • Attachment spawns have been grown slightly.
    • For the high-powered scope spawns, they have been somewhat developed.
  • Cave balance adjustment
    • Because the Secret Cave is not a secret anymore, there was already an adjustment for the loot within to keep it more balanced and close to other locations of Vikendi maps in order to enhance the gameplay experience, while still providing good loot.
  • Item pool changes
    • Introduced and released MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip and Laser Sight in the game via this PUBG update.
    • There are no Win94 and R45 in PUBG Xbox One anymore.
  • Made an increase in Moonlight weather condition percentage.

PUBG Xbox One UI/UX Improvements

Map Cursor Improvement

  • The default speed of the map cursor got upgraded and increased.
  • You can reduce the map cursor speed by x0.5 if you want for having a more correct pinging.

Team UI Overhaul

  • Now, the teammates boost gauges are available in the team UI visible while you are playing so as to upgrade team play.
Team UI Overhaul

Font Style Improvement

  • The font style has been modified in PUBG Xbox One. Thanks to this, the capital letters ‘I’ and ‘L’ become more distinguishable.

Flare Gun UI Improvement

Flare Gun UI Improvement
  • The Flare Gun crosshair has been modified. Now, it will exhibit as a circle when you aim at the right position for summoning a Special Care Package or Armored UAZ successfully.
  • The Flare Gun status UI displayed was also modified after you have summoned a Special Care Package or Armored UAZ.

Minimap Improvements

Minimap Improvements
  • For the teammates that stay outside of your immediate minimap, their icon and status will now be shown up at the corner of the minimap. Thanks to this, you can figure out the direction and the status of your teammates very easily.

Weapon Preview Improvement

  • The weapon preview animation in the lobby was upgraded.

UI Improvement to Prevent Potential Unfair Advantage while Spectating

  • When you watch over teammates and the houses with other objects on the map are not totally loaded, there will be an extra UI covering the entire screen now in order to stop seeing players that wouldn’t otherwise be seen.
  • This extra UI will disappear as soon as the loading is finished.

Spectator Screen Improvement

  • Now, you will be able to report the spectating player by using key Y while on the spectator screen.
  • Instructions in Key Guide are now available. You can take a look at them, and use key B to leave the match.

Network Latency HUD

  • Attached a Network Information function that shows things like Ping, packets, connection speed, and packet loss.
Network Latency HUD
  • It is positioned in the top left of the screen.
  • Swap the settings to On/Off at Settings > Gameplay > UI > Network debug statistics


  • Thanks to the optimized performance, the time it takes to load into battles was reduced.
  • Made an improvement to the customization menu performance

Sound Improvements

  • Some previous items shared the same sound effects even though their characteristics were different. But now, they have different sounds.
  • Now players will hear the vehicle suspension sounds.

Bug Fixes


  • Solved a problem with some barbed wire fences hindering bullets.
  • Already made a solution to the problem in which players could not gather items positioned under damaged barbed wire fences.
  • Made a solution to the problem where items were available in unapproachable areas of Docks and Sanhok


  • Solved a problem that would totally make the hair of the player disappear when equipping caps.
  • Solved a problem in which weapons could get unusable occasionally once the player has reconnected to the game.
  • Solved a visual problem after an M249 has been reloaded making the magazine float mid-air.
  • Solved a problem halting vehicle missions from being accomplished with the Zima.
  • Solved a problem about players having a high chance to consume extra damage or get killed when they land in specific areas.
  • Solved a problem about the screen being able to shake when ADS and leaning against a wall or the corner of objects.
  • Solved a problem about the game mode being able to change occasionally when a team is being made.
  • Solved a problem about a vehicle slipping more than you expected while you were driving.
  • It’s unfeasible to throw grenades through the wire mesh, especially wire fences.
  • Solved a problem in which players would sometimes look like they were moving in a falling motion.

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