How To Use Shotguns In PUBG PC Game

PUBG PC is a cool multiplayer survival horror game. In which, you need to master guns and everything to become the last survivor. It is also the key to be the winner. Among the stuff that you can search for on the map, you will obtain some shotguns. Although they are very effective to lead you to a better rank, some people do not know the way to deploy them. If you are looking for the same solution, you can keep reading to find it below.

Some small PUBG shotgun tips

Before you dig deeper into the typical PUBG guide, you need to recognize that getting a shotgun will allow you to blow up the enemy in a wink. Especially, they are great to cause the heaviest damage and demolish every type of armor.

Of course, they still have some weak points. In other words, you are forced to stay near the foes so your bullets will be able to eliminate them. Furthermore, make sure that you fire two shots at the prey before they counterattack.

How to use and take all advantages of PUBG shotguns

Here is the list of the best weapons in PUBG that you can control in the game you love.

Note that they are only used in the starting phase because PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is not as same as other shooters. Along with shotguns, SMGs are also a good option at close-range encounters.

  1. Sawed-off

It is a special shotgun. It is the smallest available in PUBG Shotguns List. It is similar to a pocket S686. A Sawed-off contains 2 barrels. Therefore, it will hold 2 rounds. You can rapidly fire off both to inflict much more damage.

Sawed-off  In PUBG PC Game
  1. S12K

It is known as the Saiga-12K. It is another shotgun in BATTLEGROUNDS. As a semi-automatic, magazine-fed 12-gauge gun, it can do a significant amount of damage over a wide zone because it is not cycled between shots manually.

S12K  In PUBG PC Game
  1. S1897

From the existing PUBG Weapons List, S1897 is regarded as a modest shotgun. It’s really fitting to cleaning up houses. Its spread helps you hit the target with a greater probability. Try to aim carefully! Missing one shot can cause the death of you because of the long time to fire the second shot.

S1897 In PUBG PC Game
  1. S686

It is a common hunting gun in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game. Before you seek stronger equipment, you can pick it. It is capable of firing two 12-gauge shells. It is faster than S12K. Rush into as swiftly as possible and shoot at the face of the rival. If you miss two shots, run and reload.


You have already explored how to utilize the shotguns to attack the competitor in the PUBG PC game. Even though how strong they are, you are advised to aim before you finish off somebody. If you are interested in other tips and tricks for the stuff related, you can follow the newest updates here. Hope you enjoyed!

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