What are Shotguns in PUBG PC Game and Their Highlight Features in Use?

Shotguns in PUBG PC is one of weapons that most players choose to have. However, are you sure that you know how to exploit their destruction to the fullest?

Shotguns in PUBG PC is one of vital items players entering the competition must get ready besides the other firearms, grenades and vehicles. They are important for interactive situations in PUBG games.

It’s undeniable that these shotguns are the best weapons in PUBG because of portability, high destructive capacity as well as tactical use. However, everyone possesses at least a thing like this with them. Players have to search for tips and tricks in using the gun to the fullest.

In this article, we scroll down the PUBG shotguns list and point out some tactical features you might miss.

The list of shotguns in PUBG PC

To tackle the target in a short distance, nothing is better than shotguns. Also, it’s the weapon that helps you with tactical movement without being too bulky. Whatever the plan you have got, bring along a gun. There are plenty of models you can opt from, but first, it’s essential to see the unique features they offer.


If you have experience with S686, then using this shotgun shouldn’t encounter any difficulties. It’s the most compact on the list, so you are deadly tactical if you know how to maximize its fire.

The specialty about sawed-off is 2 barrels. Simultaneously triggering these two can double the destruction. Otherwise, you can use them as regular shotguns, but it lasts for two rounds.



This Saiga 12K is the next shotgun in PUBG PC that we want to reveal. It’s longer in appearance for you to reach a more expansive zone is in your aim. It’s a semi-automatic shotgun with a 12-gauge that you will fall in love with.



S1897 is the most modest of the list since its capacity is not the ideal for tactical aim. You must aim carefully and confidently at your target and make sure you get them down, or you need an excellent hide-out that can grant you enough time for generating the second shot.

We recommend this one for house clearing only. With targets that you are confident in, try this one when you have no other choice.

S1897 In PUBG PC Game


S686 is a hunting shotgun, and using it resembles much to sawed-off.

However, it imposes more significant destruction with double 12-gauge shells. It’s faster and swiftly to fire at the short-ranged targets. However, reloading it after two shots will take you a longer time, so you better prepare for the worst scenario.


Tips to bring out the best of Shotguns in PUBG PC

Shotguns are something familiar in all battleground games, so you might not need another lecture on how to use them properly. However, PUBG is a multiplayer survival horror game, so you better take our PUBG guide on the field if you want the best effect.

Shotguns open the quickest way to react, so you should always have one with you. They might not be the most destructive, but they are the best at demolishing armors and destroying the best with their size.

Each shotgun contains the pros and cons that fit in with different shooter’s styles. Hence, you need to consider and try them until you find the one for you.

Also, making use of each gun’s advantages is an important skill. After all, this battleground is full of unexpected things that you can suppose in advance. To be the last man standing, you need to guess the worst scenario and prepare to fight with the only piece left. And among weapons, shotguns are the biggest possibility to carry along no matter what.

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