PUBG Streamer Skins

Buy PUBG Streamer Skins from the store and dress up your character now! Save enough G-Coins to collect all! Open the shop and start to choose the best items!

PUBG Streamer Skins Available!

Actually, it is very easy to find out the presence of PUBG Streamer Skins, specifically in the shop. All of them are gettable! Hop into Battlegrounds in style with outfits coming to console with the June 27 update you will feel more interested.

Many new PUBG streamer skins have been thrown into the world of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. They cooperated with a few top Chinese streamers related to PUBG PC. At present, you can enter the in-game shop to buy one or more costumes, for example, XDD, XingHun, manson, chengzi. It is simple to uncover the details below!

More PUBG streamer skins will soon appear in PUBG in the next time. As well, the developers are perfecting other cosmetics which can belong to you if you have enough BP or G-Coins in July. Remember to follow the newest updates for PUBG!

Current PUBG Streamer Skins

Here are Pubg Streamer Skins that you can select and add to your cart:


  • XDD’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • XDD’s Hoodie
  • XDD’s Pants
  • XDD’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


  • XingHun’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • XingHun’s Hoodie
  • XingHun’s Pants
  • XingHun’s AKM: 500 G-Coin


  • manson’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • manson’s Hoodie
  • manson’s Pants
  • manson’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


  • chengzi’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • chengzi’s Hoodie
  • chengzi’s Pants
  • chengzi’s M416: 500 G-Coin

Note! PUBG Streamer Skins are only obtained until July 26th, 2019 Time TBA.

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