It’s vital to read and stick carefully with Terms of Use on By only so, the site gets users a healthy space to update and download the game.

PUBG PC has now been available on It has brought a wave to the gaming community. Even though the content spins around the “last man standing” concept, there is still a thrilling game for you to try.

Bringing it out to a broader screen has escalated the graphics to be a visual feast. Three modes: solo, teamwork, and duo remain the variety in playing that gamers love. Each player has to come up with a new plan every time he lands on the island. Even choosing the weapons and tactic moves needs to vary according to the situation, so don’t be too easy. is a spot where you can get information about PUBG game, tips, updates, and news although we are not the Official PUBG webiste. We desire to remain the site as good as possible. Hence, we would like users to contribute by comprehending and ticking with our Terms of Use.

PUBG Game for PC
PUBG Game for PC

How important is reading Terms of Use in

When you have a PUBG PC download or read news about PUBG events, the site supposes that you have read and agree with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s essential to both the site and readers in compromising responsibilities and achievements while using the service.

There is common sense to know what you are getting into, even though it offers free service. Terms of Use will be mutual consent that helps us develop a healthy environment while ensuring users’ rights. Therefore, you need to read the article thoroughly.

What are Terms of Use?

Privacy policy

PUBG Privacy Policy cites information about users what the site collects. Agreement to the privacy policy is one of the steps accepting our Terms of Uses.

You have the right to know precisely what information we keep and how we use it. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to go through bullet by the bullet of the content.

PUBG Privacy Policy
PUBG Privacy Policy

About the content on includes both files for PUBG game download and relating about it. We have videos, files, and articles in considering the PUBG game for PC.

Content except the technologies and images are lawfully under our management. And we claim possession over that content. However, we respect content copyrighted from PUBG legitimate sources such as images and developing game features.

Besides the copyright, we have the right to manage, change, and arrange content to develop the website. We take up user’s feedback and claims to improve the content better, but remains the party who decides the final presentation.

About user’s actions

Once you registered for our service, you encounter no barrier to getting the information, reading news, and download the game from our site. Your account is your only property on the site that welcomes you to adjust, maintain, and keep secrets from others.

We will also love it if you send us a contribution to develop the content and improve our service. Users will not join in managing the content or make use of it in the wrong way, for your information. We also welcome emails from users who like to know about relating data we collect, record, and use.

This site is a playground for the public, so we desire users to appropriately respect the variety and behave. We prohibit any illegal actions and any sign of those. Besides, we don’t support threatening language and warn users to avoid such language’s tendency. We encourage people to send us heads up about prohibited activities on the website.

To enjoy the game and service on the website, users must obtain a stable internet connection. Communication and download activities on this site will conduct the best result only on the Internet basis.

About communication between users and the website

Communication between the two parties will remain on emails. We respect messages from the senders, and also, we would like you to assume the sharing of contact once you declare the address to us.

About user’s account and data

We will collect the user’s data and use it to develop and maintain the website. What we collect shows in the PUBG Privacy Policy, so you can go there for detailed information.

We will try our best to protect your data as well as the records we get from users. To make sure that you agree without policy, again, we recommend you to look through our privacy terms carefully.