5 Tips To Prove PUBG Mobile Stronger Than Garena Free Fire In 2020

So as to know how PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games is better than Free Fire the game of Garena in 2020, it's time to check out all the five points showing the proof!

It’s exciting to download PUBG Mobile free and play an addictive Battle Royale multiplayer match! Not only that, you are able to receive a lot of fantastic features that help the title become popular. Some of them cannot be found in Garena Free Fire. Further, they point out how to prove PUBG Mobile better than Free Fire, a new shooting game and it is also interesting.

Tencent Games, the famous video game company, has revealed that they achieved a huge income while everybody is staying home due to Coronavirus. Actually, they use more time on their devices to play PUBG Mobile. Meanwhile, Garena stated that Free Fire had peaked at 80 million players in just one day.

In fact, PUBG Mobile, one of the games based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, can keep that popularity whilst other ones such as Free Fire is being played a lot. We can hardly deny that PUBG Mobile contains tips that make users interested in playing it for hours.

5 main superior features of PUBG Mobile

Aside from being features of PUBG Mobile Download, they are considered measures to determine which one is stronger, between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile.

  1. PUBG Mobile the game includes more realistic features

It is regarded as the first reason that you are looking for to evince that PUBG on Mobile attracts more people than Free Fire. Each action of characters in-game looks sensible. It can be felt clearly when you join the match.

PUBG Mobile the game includes more realistic features

Aside from that, it’s comfortable to experience the challenge through PUBG Mobile maps. Along with the presence of Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, or Sanhok, you will have the chance to find that on MAD MIRAMAR or the latest playfield known as Fourex.

Each of them provides different weather types and terrains where you can choose suitable vehicles to pass, for example, a military island as in Russia, a desert, a rainforest battlefield, or a snowy region. So, it’s amusing to search for corresponding tactics! Additionally, various territories are checked and surveyed to turn buildings into locations.

Not only that, there are tons of supplies and deadly weapons in PUBG Mobile game. They are abundant in PUBG Mobile Lite, too. Especially, they are identical to the real tool, from firing rate to recoil and more.

  1. PUBG Mobile does not have Pay-To-Win as Garena Free Fire

PUBG Mobile does not have Pay-To-Win as Garena Free Fire

It is the second tip to compare between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. If you engage in PUBG on mobile, you need to dominate by using your abilities instead of paying. Stuff in PUBG Mobile like skins can be bought. Nevertheless, they are not advantageous to support you to win the Chicken Dinner as in Free Fire.

  1. PUBG Mobile owns many game modes

PUBG Mobile owns many game modes

Together with the Classic Mode in PUBG Mobile game, it’s straightforward to connect with other modes. They are diverse and very delightful, for instance, Team Deathmatch.

  1. PUBG Mobile has a more helpful ranking system

PUBG Mobile has a more helpful ranking system

PUBG Mobile from the list of BATTLEGROUNDS is built with a friendly ranking system and it works more effectively than the one of Free Fire. Ranks will be classified and arranged, depending on the server and the number of game modes.

It’s easier to check your stats and more! When you discover the Solo Mode, the program will be changed into the Solo, etc. It will not affect the Duo and Squad modes. It’s beneficial to obtain the fitting mode.

  1. PUBG Mobile offers more exclusive objects

PUBG Mobile offers more exclusive objects

PUBG Mobile updates are launched regularly and they comprise distinctive items. Moreover, developers worked together with big brands so they can give fans especial products, consisting of skins and rewards.

If you have any ideas more reasonable than 5 points to prove PUBG Mobile better than Garena Free Fire, please leave a comment below to share with us! Have fun!

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