Detailed Comparison Between PUBG Mobile War and Team Deathmatch Modes

There are some differences between War and Team Deathmatch modes in PUBG Mobile. Let’s find out what they are and what makes them more popular.

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch mode and PUBG Mobile War mode are usually compared by most of the players in PUBG Mobile game. There are some elements, such as killing enemies at close range, calculating the kill points, and the ability to be immortal, they are the main reason for this comparison. Then, what makes these two game modes popular that much? Let’s find out all the details about these modes in PUBG Mobile!

Different things between War and Team Deathmatch in PUBG Mobile



Every match in PUBG Mobile War is taken in a random small area with an unchanged circle on the Erangel map. The terrains in this War mode are usually wide mountain areas or even the open buildings.

PUBG Mobile War

But in PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch, players will have a chance to get access to a private small map called “Tom: Warehouse” with stable structures: 2 sides of the individual revival zone, big warehouse in the middle of the map, some kinds of containers and several places that can be covered everywhere.

The number of players

The Number Of Players

Regardless of what mode you pick to play in PUBG Mobile War, Solo, Duo, or Squad, the maximum number of participants is 20.

PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch is the team-based mode, and the maximum number of players in one team is 4. There will be two sides battling against each other in this mode.

At the beginning of the match

At The Beginning Of The Match

In the early game in PUBG Mobile War, all players will jump out of an airplane, pick a location then land down on it. The jump speed in this War mode is much faster than the speed in other modes.

At The Beginning Of The Match

At the beginning of PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch mode, players will commence the battle right at their starting locations. They will not jump out of an airplane and parachute down on the ground in this mode.

Your first equipment

Your First Equipment

You will be equipped with a gun with a basic viewfinder in both modes as soon as you start it. But, for the War mode, you will be armed with grenades and blood too, and in Team Deathmatch, you will have more attachments to use.

Bear in mind that there are two types of random match in PUBG Mobile War, and you will pick between rifles and Kar98. You will be armed with appropriate PUBG Mobile weapons and attachments depending on the type of match you choose.



Except for the default equipment in PUBG Mobile war mode, players can only go find more resources from the loot crates or from the aid crates that are randomly released on the map. However, in Team Deathmatch mode, this is completely different.


Players can get access to a wide range of guns, ammo, and other equipment right at their starting location in Team Deathmatch mode. However, when killing enemies, there will be no loot crates for them. In addition to this, some special weapons, like M249 or bombs, they will also appear in the warehouse area when two teams compete against each other.


In Team Deathmatch mode, after revival, all of the spent equipment will be reset to default.



The resurrection is also different in War and Team Deathmatch!

In the War mode, in case you get elimination, you will have to get on the plane again then parachute down on the ground. 20 seconds will be the total amount of time starting from when you get killed, then get on the plane then land down.

In Team Deathmatch mode, even when you are eliminated, you will return to your starting location. The amount of time for this process is less than 10 seconds, starting from elimination to revival and approaching the enemy side.

Kill point calculation

Kill Point Calculation

PUBG Mobile War Mode will have a 200-point column. If you play with a team, every time you save a teammate, you will get one point, and 3 points if you kill an enemy. If you join the solo mode, you cannot save a team. The winning team will be the team that reaches 200 points first. But if there are no teams reaching 200 points in the limited amount of time – 15 minutes, the team with the higher points will win.


In PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch, the main objective for each team is to accumulate enough 40 points by killing enemies. If your team reaches 40 points first, the victory will belong to your team. Or, the team that got a higher point than the rest team in 10 minutes will touch the glory.

That’s all for the comparison between PUBG Mobile War and PUBG Mobile Team Deathmatch. Now, you can pick your favorite mode to enjoy or you can try both of them to feel the differences between them!

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