Krafton taking over PUBG Corporation generates a new era for PUBG game

Krafton taking over PUBG Corporation has become a fact when 2020 is closing in. Under the new management, we wonder if PUBG game can thrive as it expected.

Krafton taking over PUBG Corporation happens in the last month of 2020. The news has spread to global fans of PUBG globally. The merging act marks a significant milestone in PUBG development history.

PUBG mobile was a staggering success for PUBG corporation. The game hit in 2017 and became the most favorite all around the world. Until now, players continue enjoying the game thanks to the PUBG development team with continuous updates.

The excellent news about Krafton taking over PUBG Corp sounds like a warranty for the future PUBG. Well-known management on Tera and PUBG, Krafton will be a key for the thrive of the game.

Changes after Krafton taking over PUBG Corporation

Since the joint, PUBG Corp will work on a global scale under a new name – PUBG Studio. So, when you search for PUBG news or relating information, you must use another keyword from now on.

The relationship between Krafton Inc and PUBG Corp wasn’t yesterday. And it seems the game develops very well under the Tera managing company. However, Krafton, this time, will take complete control and express full-scale capacity in thriving the game.

PUBG Corporation
PUBG Corporation

Estimation for the future

PUBG Studio continues its plan to improve the gameplay on PUBG download, PUBG mobile, and more platforms. Even though the game is already available on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC, ít ambition is to expand the version better.

The merger is good news to global fans since when Krafton Inc manages, the development team will be more productive. Let’s hope it contributes to the glorious future of PUBG.

Along with the news of merger, Krafton also claims the unification of PNIX Inc and Delusion Studio Inc. They are both grabing big shares in mobile games like Archery King, Castle Run and more. 2021 shows up with a year full of transformation.

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