PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.20.0: New winter, Frozen egg, Universal mark, Smoke

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.0 gives players a lot of exciting new experiences with its new features. The most prominent is New location - Winter Castle.

PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.20.0 is a streamlined version of PUBG mobile that was developed for players with low-end devices and was introduced to the world one year ago, the game has attracted a large number of players that is not inferior to PUBG mobile.

After the success of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.19.0, the developer finally introduced to the world PUBG Mobile Lite 0.20.0. Multiple new features were introduced and promised to give players better experiences than the previous version.

PUBG Mobile Lite Winter Festival
PUBG Mobile Lite Winter Festival

PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.20.0 new features:

New location:

One of the new update highlights is the addition of the beautiful Winter Castle to the Varenga map. Players also can find a lot of loot in these locations.

New winter- theme lobby:

A new winter theme lobby was added to the game. And please expect a new beautiful lobby that gives players a breath from Christmas and brings back childhood memories for all of the players.

Winter-themed Lobby
Winter-themed Lobby

Winter festival decorations:

Along with the new winter theme lobby and new location Winter Castle, winter festival decorations will give players the feeling of Christmas and Winter Wonderland. Several changes have also been made, like mountains around the Church. Thus, Pilot Plaza is now covered in snow. And a larger number of new structures have been added to the spawn island.

Frozen eggs of PUBG Mobile Lite update 0.20.0:

Frozen eggs of this version are new throwable equipment, players can create a shield and hide behind it by using Frozen eggs.

New Features Frozen Eggs
New Features Frozen Eggs

Universal Mark:

One of the best updates is Universal Mark. Players can now use it to mark location, supplies, items, and quickly communicate with teammates.

Universal Mark in Patch Notes 0.20.0
Universal Mark in Patch Notes 0.20.0

Smoke-trail and Graffiti:

Smoke-trail and Graffiti are now available in in-game shops. Several bugs were also fixed, and other changes have been made. New adjustments to the Winner Pass rank from Level 30 to Level 40. Besides, daily missions were increased to three, the security was also enhanced too.

Please go to here to download 0.20.0 update for more details.

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