PUBG Lite Beta Test accessible from Brazil and Turkey

PUBG Lite Beta Test is eventually accessible from two countries Brazil and Turkey after beginning with Thailand since January 24th and other SEA regions later.

It’s easy to join PUBG Lite Beta Test from Brazil and Turkey!

PUBG Lite Beta Test Brazil and Turkey

The Beta Test for PUBG Lite PC Download has been serviced since January 24, in Thailand at first and SEA countries later, Bangladesh in February came after by Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau in March. Now, PUBG Lite has been expanded services to Brazil and Turkey. It is not difficult for those who love to have fun with the popular Battle genre anymore.

The development team of PUBG Lite for PC the game is trying to work hard so that they can introduce the best features reserved for every PUBG platform and shape a more interesting match that is able to run on various PC environments.

Developers who evolved PUBG Lite Steam are happy to receive player’s feedback and they stated that they would improve gameplay to bring back a better experience through PUBG LITE.

Why don’t you have a look at PUBG PC Lite requirements and hop into your favorite combat from now on?

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